Car Review: Mercedes Benz E220d – It’s Clever

This car, even in its base models, is mind blowing as far as kit and spec go. The range sets a high standard for things you never knew you needed in a car.

I can’t say this is a Smart car… ‘cause apparently that’s taken.

This, then, is a clever car.

I admit that I only “tried” to use the park identification and assist function on the Mercedes Benz E220d and did not event venture towards the auto overtake that was mentioned in passing to me. Hell no I’m not up for letting a car overtake for me.

No. I got as far as adjusting the colour shades and intensity of the interior trim lighting in this lux Merc and that’s about it.

This is a car more cleverer that me. I concede.

And damn it is nice.

The Mercedes Benz E220d has more kit in it than I could ever suggest I got to know in a week of driving it. But what I did get to know, I liked.

The E-Class range has found it’s niche with the elite, but now the range is driving home performance and real appeal to those who may have only looked to the “prestige” of a Mercedes.

The E220d comes in at a respectable $92,900 and features an all-new 2.0-litre turbo diesel four cylinder putting out a healthy 143kW and 400Nm with a claimed average fuel consumption of just 4.1L/100km.

Did I mention kit?

Bling – did I mention fully adjustable interior trim lighting which serves as pretty much a modern day arcade game for the kids? – is one thing but the driving kit, even in the most basic trim, is incredible.

The E220d comes fitted with Benz’s new-generation nine-speed automatic gearbox, automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control with semi-autonomous driving and lane-changing, self-parking, artificial leather interior trim, dual-zone climate control, keyless entry and ignition, 18-inch alloy wheels and twin 12.3-inch digital displays – a customisable instrument cluster and a multimedia system with Bluetooth, sat nav and digital radio as standard.

It is fitted with nine airbags, the usual suite of electronic driver aids, an active bonnet to reduce injuries to pedestrians and a 360-degree camera with front and rear parking sensors.

This car, even in its base models, is mind blowing as far as kit and spec go. The range sets a high standard for things you never knew you needed in a car.

I found the turbo diesel smooth, quiet and it delivered all the surge needed while offering refined cruising.

As previously stated, I only tried to use the self-parking function. It, apparently, detects a park and then, when you confirm if you want to enter either forwards or backwards, does all the work for you. Tried it. Wasn’t tech savvy enough, parked like a boss myself (reverse… using the full range of surround cameras and sensors).

I managed to, I think, conquer the touch pad touch pad buttons on the steering wheel and even traced a few letters in the central touch pad “thingy-magig”  so felt a bit techo as well as high end luxury which is what this Merc delivers with its seat heaters, multi-function seat adjustment and overall class.

Put simply, this is a very clever car.

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