Coonawarra is The Latest Crew Popping Up On Leigh Street

Coonawarra is The Latest Crew Popping Up On Leigh Street

It’s a laid back evening in the warm evening breeze for a glass or bottle of Coonawarra’s best on Leigh Street.

It’s another week and another event is about to kick off in Leigh Street. Jeez, you’d think we would get sick of them…

This particular Friday evening is again all you wine lovers, and let’s be honest who does get tired of sittting back in the warm evening air, drinking (and loving) a glass or two and perhaps grabbing a bit at one of the amazing restaurants in the Adelaide West End like Cos 18 Leigh… it’s a tough life.

Pen Friday, November 18 into your calendar as the Coonawarra is packing up and bringing their collective cellar doors to the city. It’s not after this award winning region is within such easy reach so it’s definitely worth the trip along!

Nineteen marvelous Coonawarra wineries are in the lineup. From Balnaves of Coonawarra, Whistle Post Wine, Patrick of Coonawarra and Penley Estate, to name a few. They’re just as excited as you to show off their incredible vintages.

Most importantly entry is FREE! And for $5  acommemorative Coonawarra Spiegelau wine glass is yours to take home. Stay up-to-date by following the events Facebook page and be sure to drop by for a relaxing evening.

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