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COVID-19 PM Update: Free Childcare Announced, Workplace Leave Doubled

The Prime Minister has announced that for parents who need childcare, it will become a free service.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison held a press conference today to discuss the latest updates on the COVID-19 situation and to make announcements on childcare services across the nation, and workplace leave.

The Minister for Education Dan Tehan says that as of Sunday night, the childcare system will become free.


Describing it as switching off an old system and going to a new system, this will provide relief to parents by ensuring that childcare centres will remain open.

This means that parents can continue to take their children to their normal centres.

Therefore parents who are in need will get the care they want, and those who have unfortunately been forced to disengage with care can reengage with their centres.

Noting that this service is for workers in essential jobs, the Prime Minister further reiterated that in this economy, every job is an essential job.

The Government will also provide additional financial assistance to struggling childcare centres.

Changes To Workplace Leave

The Attorney-General Christian Porter has also announced that there will be changes implemented to workplace leave.

Employees will soon be able to take double the duration of leave at half the pay, to provide further flexibility for a number of businesses.

The Attorney-General said that “flexibility could well make the difference between survival of the business and preservation of the jobs or the failure of the business and the loss of the jobs.”

The Prime Minister also declared that emergency powers are in place across all States and Territories when it comes to the measurers that have been put in place

Parliament will return next Wednesday to pass the measures announced, as drafting continues to take place every day.

More to come.


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