Victoria Park/ Pakapakanthi Criterium Track Cycling Season Starts This Saturday

Cycle racing is set to begin on Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi’s Criterium Track, with improved safety initiatives.

768158-dennisCycle racing is set to begin on Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi’s Criterium Track this Saturday, 27th September, with improved safety initiatives around cycles, dog on leashes, operation of model aircraft and all other park users.

Following a recent community consultation looking at ways the variety of activities that happen in the Park are managed, Council has implemented a common sense approach to improving the safety and experience of all Park users.

Matthew Rechner, Program Manager, Active City says the changes that have been made reflect the growing popularity of Victoria Park/ Pakapakanthi with a range of interest groups and individuals in the community.

“Over the past six years, we have been progressively implementing the Victoria Park Master Plan which includes extending the Criterium Track, establishing the Premium Playing Field, and the new fitness circuit, and we’re at the point where the Park is now more popular than ever,”” said Matthew.

“In light of this increase in popularity, it is really important to make sure all park users are as safe as possible in a way that accommodates the range of groups and individuals wanting to get outdoors and enjoy the space.

“We are now implementing some minor changes that will see safety improve and provide clear direction for dog owners regarding when and where their dogs need to remain on leash and be allowed to play freely. In particular, the criterium track will be a dog on leash area when in use by cyclists.

In addition, Council is trialling an hours of operation criteria for model aircraft enthusiasts after considering feedback from local residents who were concerned about the noisiness of the aircrafts early and late on weekends and public holidays.

As a result Council has commenced a six-month trial where model aircraft can be operated in Victoria Park on weekdays and between 10.00am and 7.00pm on weekends and public holidays. The trial will be evaluated and a report presented to Council in 2015.

Only electric model aircrafts are permitted to use Victoria Park/ Pakapakanthi and aircraft operation is restricted to the southern fields and the area south of the southern fields.

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