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DARK MATTER Space Bar – Sugar’s Space Themed Fringe Pop Up Bar Opens Tonight

A unique double-story pop up venue hits Rundle Street.

Following on from the success from last year’s Japanese themed pop up, the crew from Rundle Street’s most revered club, Sugar, have decided to take things to the next level.
What we mean is they have LITERALLY implemented a second level to their laneway pop up bar for this year’s Fringe.
DARK MATTER Space Bar is one of the most ambitious and innovative projects Sugar co-owners Driller and Ben Modra have ever undertaken. The sheer visceral experience the laneway multi-storey venue  presents goes beyond a standard pop-up bar with a space-themed micro-wonderland highlighted by UV ping pong, of all things.
Driller is understandably thrilled with the new venture, “I can’t wait for people to experience it. It’s a place where aliens are welcome.” He says the vision he and Modra wanted to realise was a “portal of possibilities bathed in strange light making everything appear to glow.” He wants patrons to have a surreal sensation of floating on air as they navigate through the unique environment.
The neon, “tron”-like theme extends to the culinary fare with what they are terming “space food” and “space drinks”. For any budding astronauts out there, we don’t think they are referring to NASA endorsed anti-gravitational rations or the like, rather, aesthetically innovative consumables in keeping with the venue’s theme.
With a cavalcade of classy DJs at their disposal, dancers can also expect pumping grooves in the inspired mezzanine level perfect for hanging out with your spaced out compadres, or if you’re lucky meeting some new saucy new space-age companions.
We’re sure this will be one of the best haunts this festival season for chilling out en-route to the Garden or grabbing a a few bevvies after a show.
DARK MATTER Space Bar runs from tonight Friday February 17th to Sunday March 19th.

Check out the incredible plan for DARK MATTER below.





DARK MATTER is located at 274 Rundle Street, Adelaide.

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