Designers not stressed at first semester exams

Arm wrestling, interpretive dance, making models of famous South Australian trademarks from spaghetti and marshmallows and playing bums and heads isn’t usually part of a quiz night.

But for the Design Institute of Australia (SA Branch)’s First Semester Exam quiz night at Stylecraft in Waymouth Street on Thursday, March 24, having fun during first semester exams was exactly what was in order.

About 60 members of the South Australian interior architecture, graphic design and industrial design community battled it out to find out who was the most knowledgeable designer, whilst also practicing their non-verbal communication and listening skills and their model making skills.

Although quiz participants worked individually, there was a lot of debate and discussion about what were the answers to the questions, similar to how delinquent students would behave in an exam.

A model of a Farmers Union Iced Coffee won the best representation of a South Australian icon, while an encouragement award given to a representation of Adelaide’s CBD street layout, complete with a marshmallow Westpac building.

One round had to be decided by arm wrestle after a three-way tie, while many showed their lack of knowledge of current affairs, failing to answer which prominent world leader said to US president Barack Obama “I will always love you”.

With hands on bums and heads or holding a glass, there wasn’t a sign in the room anybody was stressed during this exam period.

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