Dîner en Blanc Is Returning To Adelaide This Summer

Dîner en Blanc Is Returning To Adelaide This Summer

True to its global success, Dîner en Blanc is returning to Adelaide for the second time on Saturday, November 29, 2014.


1618097_320959414754861_7360632482106171875_oTrue to its global success, Dîner en Blanc is returning to Adelaide for the second time on Saturday, November 29, 2014.

The annual secret affair, promising an unforgettable evening of elegance, beauty and magic, will take over an undisclosed public space whose location will be revealed only upon arrival.

Melanie Moffatt, who has been working in the special events industry for eight years, successfully organising the first edition, is paving the way to a long-standing tradition with more than 1000 revelers expected to attend this year’s event.

‘’You need to circle this date, block off the calendar and bring your best white elegance forward,” says Melanie Moffatt, co-host of the Dîner en Blanc, Adelaide.

A tradition that is being morphed by Adelaide’s increased interest in all things epicurean- fashion, design, gastronomy and entertainment. In essence, Dîner en Blanc promotes friendship, elegance and gallantry.

Adelaidians envelope these values as they are an expression of their culture thus making Dîner en Blanc a true success in their city, but this international event also sets a new platform for people to demonstrate their fashion sense, show-off their classy taste for design and elegance, and share their gastronomic delights.

Sandy Safi, Director of Partnership and Aymeric Pasquier, Executive Director for Dîner en Blanc International agree that Adelaidians know true fashion, great food and elegance and they are expecting large numbers of fashion and design aficionados and foodies alike.

“Not only have they welcomed us with open arms from the very beginning, but they truly express the joie de vivre that is symbolic of Dîner en Blanc,” said the pair.

True to tradition, bystanders will witness groups of 100 to 300 people gather at specific rallying points across the city before converging on one of the most beautiful settings in a public space, either on foot or by other organised means of transportation.

Guests are asked to dress elegantly in white, from head to toe, bring their own epicurean feasts, tables, chairs, fine china, silverware and white tablecloth.

Over the course of the evening, guests will eat and celebrate amid live music, dancing, complete with festive white balloons.

The waving of a cloth napkin to mark the beginning of the dinner, as well as the lighting of sparklers to let participants know they are now free to circulate, mingle and dance will provide breathtaking moments.

To end the evening a trumpet call to signal for guests to pack up their crystal, dinnerware and tables, pick up all their rubbish and head into the night, leaving behind no sign of their elegant revelry.

Last year’s très chic picnic attracted 750 cultural enthusiasts on the main lawn at the Adelaide Zoo for a memorable soirée.

People interested in joining Dîner en Blanc in Adelaide are encouraged to sign up to the waiting list quickly via http://adelaide.dinerenblanc.info/, by November 6 as space is limited.

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