Festival Review: Aquilonis • Glam Adelaide

Festival Review: Aquilonis

It is so good to hear a Capella singers without any assistance or interference from sound systems.

a Capella at its most magnificent

Reviewed at Ukaria on 9 March 2019

Presented by Adelaide Festival

The acoustics in the Ukaria Cultural Centre are wonderful. It is so good to hear these a Capella singers without any assistance (or interference) from sound systems. I am sure these remarkable singers have been told they sound like angels, so it is not an original compliment, but it is true.

For most songs they were accompanied by only the melody chimes they used and the purity of the sound was stunning. Ancient tunes and harmonies gave us food for the soul. The Trio Mediaeval has been making such incredible music for more than 21 years. Formed in Oslo in 1997 they have specialised in Norwegian ballads and songs from the Middle Ages, in time adding music of that period from France, England an Italy. With beautiful arrangements that they themselves have arranged and a few works especially written for the ensemble, they have an enviable repertoire.

Apart from the melody chimes, Anna Marie Friman played violin and Linn Andrea Fuglseth used a type of drone instrument call a shruti box (originally from India). However the main instruments were their voices blended with that of fellow member Iorunn Lovise Husan, a miraculous combination.

From the opening Gregorian chant to the more recent Vale Dulcis Amice (2006) by William Brooks, the program was sheer magic and an enviable way to spend an afternoon looking out on the beautiful scenery.

Reviewed by Fran Edwards
Twitter: @franeds

One performance only – Season Ended


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