Fever-Tree launch lower calorie, lighter tonic ready for your gin-infused nights

The refreshingly low calorie mixer by Fever-Tree is the perfect guilt free addition to those gin-infused evenings.

Good news: you can enjoy your G&T guilt-free tonight! Fever-Tree have introduced a lower calorie, lighter version of the Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic to your supermarket aisle.

The new Refreshingly Light Mediterranean Tonic (the bartender’s favourite) is Fever-Tree’s response to Aussies’ thirst for a healthier option, with 50% less calories and no artificial anything, and (importantly) one that doesn’t compromise on taste. This comes after Fever-Tree’s Refreshingly Light Indian tonic became the brand’s fastest-growing tonic segment in Australia in 2020.

While many other mainstream light mixers rely on sugar replacements to achieve a healthier alternative, for Fever-Tree, it’s all about the best of both worlds, ensuring that flavour isn’t forgotten in the pursuit of a healthier option.

Refreshingly Light Mediterranean Tonic uses a small amount of natural fruit sugar along with rosemary and lemon-thyme from the shores of Provence, giving you the same great taste in a deliciously light, floral tonic. A taste of the Mediterranean.

Visit the website here.

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