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Film Review: 2040

This inspiring documentary will have you joining the regeneration movement.


The Award-Winning Director of That Sugar Film Damon Gameau wants us to join the regeneration.

This uplifting documentary is composed as a visual letter to his four-year-old daughter. He commences a journey to explore threats to our world and offers solutions, embracing the most desirable resources already at hand, to improve our planet and deal with the concerns we have – global warming, climate change, deforestation, over fishing and sustainability to name a few.

Using cool visual effects such as interviewing an economic expert while driving on a Monopoly board and carrying out another interview sitting on a wind farm fan high up in the air, he manages to engage and inform us about our rapidly deteriorating world and he inspires the viewers to make a change for the better. Gameau adds humour playing himself as a middle-aged father and this allows us to laugh at times as well as yearn for a healthier earth.

The experts he meets who have spent their lives researching subjects on regeneration offer valuable knowledge and insights into how we can make this change.

Our entire system is built on fossil fuels, but agriculture creates more carbon dioxide. He explains that by planting more plants we can pull back the carbon from the atmosphere and fertilize our soil making it much healthier and richer in living organisms.

He discusses solar home systems with subsidised solar, self-driving group rideshare vehicles, ocean acidification (which involves a shift towards pH-neutral conditions rather than a transition to acidic conditions).  The part where we learn about how valuable seaweed really is to our marine life and atmosphere was an eye-opener.

The images he uses also enable us to form a picture of a much more utopian world in 2040. A world which we would all love to be a part of.

Gameau’s 2040 is a quality documentary for children and adults, highlighting some of the biggest threats our planet is currently facing. This is delivered in a clever and fun way and a particularly charming aspect was where he interviewed the younger generation and asked them what they would like to see in the future.   

Audiences will feel inspired by this film.

Reviewed by Gemma Crossland

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An inspiring work for our age 4 stars

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