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Film Review: Drift


drift-Sam-WorthingtonDrift is a story about one of Australia’s favorite pastimes, surfing, and is inspired by the true story of Australia’s legendary surf wear companies. Co-directed by Morgan O’Neill and Ben Nott, this surfing drama tells a tale of courage and the will to survive at all odds.

Set on Western Australia’s spectacular and rugged coastline in the early 1970s, it begins in a remote coastal town with the two Kelly brothers – Andy (Myles Pollard) and Jimmy (Xavier Samuel) who spend their youth searching for the perfect wave. They meet hippie freelance sports photo-journalist JD (Sam Worthington, in a great role, cast very-much against his usual type) who mostly observes the goings-on from his rainbow-coloured bus at a friendly distance.

When the Kelly boys get out of the sea, they realise their need to make some money. So, with their single mum, Kat (Robyn Malcolm), they launch a backyard surf business. This involves re‐thinking board design, crafting homemade wetsuits and selling their new surf gear out of their van. Naturally, their handiwork instantly becomes very popular amongst the local wax-heads.

But this near-immediate success soon draws the attention of a local crime syndicate led by the menacing Miller (Steve Bastoni). Interested in them and their products is also Hawaiian surfer-chick Lani (South African born, New Zealand-based actress Lesley-Ann Brandt), whose own passion for life inspires Andrew.

As expected, the coastline cinematography is breathtaking, thanks to Geoffrey Hall (Chopper, Red Dog). The surfing action is also quite spectacular; the great filming being captured by the immersive use of ultra-lite camera rigs

All in all, even though this type of movie is not exactly new, it is a fresh look with a great reminder of life in the 70s. Drift is a terrific piece of local entertainment.

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Kirstey Whicker


Now showing at Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas


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