Frente! In Town For A Brief Soirée

After more than a couple of years out of Adelaide, the alternative rock / folk pop legend Angie Hart returns with Simon Austin to perform as a duo. “FRENTE” will be performing this Sunday at SUPERMASSIVE. We grabbed her for a moment to hear her thoughts on coming to play at SuperMassive.

Are you excited to be playing SUPERMASSIVE Festival, this Sunday at Victoria square in Adelaide?

Very much yeah, it’s nice to play festivals and I think this is gonna be a pretty good one.

Frente! will be there playing as a duo?

Yes, as a duo.

What’s next for Frente!? Any plans for upcoming albums or tours?

Well we’re kind of skipping our toe again with writing at the moment, it’s taken us a long time to find the time to get together to write. And then, that was kind of terrifying. I feel like in the last month or two we’ve broken the back of that and we’re feeling good about the Songwriting. We feel it might take ages, but were writing new material which is really exciting.

If you could collaborate with any artist dead or alive who would it be?

Such a big question, well at the moment I’ve been dabbling with Dorothy Porter’s poems, and I think her writing is so lively and alive and joyous. If she was still with us I would love to collaborate with her in person. That would be incredible.

Which song is your favourite to play live?

I’m pretty broad about what I like to play with our songs, there are some that are just really emotional times that we had together, I know it’s quite morbid but they make me sad when I sing them and I still really like that. There’s something very heartfelt about it. But I also really love our main singles “Labour of Love” and “Ordinary Angels”, I still really enjoy singing those. We have a bit of a joke in Frente!, that is: good luck to anyone who likes dancing to one of our songs, they seem to change every few seconds. There’s not particularly one genre going on in there.

Do you have any plans to check out other artists playing at Supermassive festival?

Hopefully we’ll be arriving early which is unusual for us. We’re actually rehearsed which is also unusual for us, we’re slightly gig fit at the moment which is quite a rarity. I don’t know lots of the artists but I would love to check out some new music and of course I am extremely keen to hear Sarah Blasko’s new material.

Which one of your albums means the most to you?

Simon and I both feel especially fond of “Shapes” It was such a breakout record for us of something that we definitely felt when we finished it that we didn’t really care what anybody else thought of it. It was one of those moments where we’d done the work and it fulfilled something within us. That record still feels that way for me and for Simon.

Are you going to be staying in Adelaide for long while over for Supermassive?

I would love to be, and I have family in Adelaide. I’m gonna be in really big trouble but we’re going to be flying home that night, it’s just how life is at the moment. But I am due a proper visit to see my family and have dinner with them. I’m going to have to come back soon.

Will you see your family at all?

If they come to the show yeah.

Do you have other shows happening after that you need to play in another state ?

Actually I have a three year old daughter, that’s my very rock and roll answer. She’s starting Kindy at the moment and it’s a massive transition so that is my very rock and roll lifestyle when I’m not doing Frente! shows or Angie Hart shows. We’re doing parlour shows every weekend at the moment, or Parlour gigs as their called, and this is our only actually on stage with a proper festival thing at the moment.

I can’t imagine how hard it is trying to juggle the musician life. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Either you don’t do it at all, or you work out what can happen, and be really tired, all the time.

So you won’t have a chance to check out the Fringe Festival?

No; I do love it. I’ve been to Adelaide a few times. I’m also affiliated with WOMEN OF LETTERS which is a literary event, we come over and often put on a show around this time as well, so I’ll probably come next year with them.

If you could tour anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

I’d love to revisit some of our old stomping grounds. Because it’s been such a long time, but I have a very long list of places that I haven’t been and I’ve never been to Iceland so that would be pretty high up there on the list, and any times I’ve ever been to Italy it’s been too short so definitely that would be a revisit.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans here in Adelaide?

I’d like to thank them all for sticking with us. The last time we played in Adelaide was just so beautiful and I imagine a lot of those people will come to the festival, and I look forward to it. It’s rare for us to get on stage so it’s wonderful to have that kind of feedback.

When was the last time you played here?

It was probably about 2 or 3 years ago, we did our re-release of our very first album “Marvin” we put on some sick shows around Australia and we pulled out all the stops which was really fun.

Good stuff, catch you at the show this Sunday!

Absolutely! Come and say hello!

Don’t miss Angie Hart performing in Frente! this Sunday 25 Feb at Supermassive festival Victoria square Adelaide. Featuring other artists such as Sarah Blasko, DJ Trip and Heaps Good Friends.

All tickets available from FringeTIX www.adelaidefringe.com.au 1300 621 255


By Jonathan Matthews

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