Fresh 92.7 Now Has Podcasts Featuring The Best Of Wavelength & Loz And Thomo

Fresh 92.7 has released podcasts featuring the best bits from the shows Wavelength and Loz and Thomo.


With podcasts becoming all the rage now, popular Fresh 92.7 programs, Wavelength and Loz and Thomo have now released podcasts for their listeners.

It’s not always easy to catch your favourite radio personalities, so now Fresh has your listening needs sorted.

The Loz and Thomo Podcast will include the best recaps of their program broadcasted that day.

The Wavelength Podcast will go out to its viewers every Tuesday which will allow you to listen in on all the antics from the previous nights show like stories, banter and caller convos.

The two shows will be released on most of the major podcast streaming services so it will be convenient to access.

Presenters Laura ‘Loz’ O’Callaghan and Mark ‘Thomo’ Thomas started with Fresh 92.7 in February 2018.

Thomo began his radio career by graduating from The Australian Radio School and hosting a weekly breakfast show on Hills Radio, whilst Loz began hers as a volunteer.

So in case you missed a hilarious Fresh story, or a controversial topic discussed and want to relive it, this podcast era we now live in allows you to do so.

To check out the Loz and Thomo’s podcast click here and/or alternatively for Wavelength click here.

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