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Fringe Review: I Want To Touch You

I Want To Touch You is produced by the acclaimed SA based contemporary circus group, Gravity & Other Myths

This show pushes the boundaries of what the human body can do through physical circus.

Presented by: Gravity & Other Myths
Reviewed 13 March 2021

I Want To Touch You is produced by the acclaimed SA based contemporary circus group, Gravity & Other Myths. Throughout this show, eight cast members explore, through physical movement and circus, the different ways we use touch to communicate with each other. Squeeze, cuddle, tickle, flick, pinch, poke, shove, flip, kiss, bite, cradle, kick, grab, scratch, slap, lick – this 45 minute show (the show is advertised as being 60 minutes) explores all of these forms of touch.

One thing this show certainly showcases is how amazingly flexible and durable the human body is. Each routine pushed the performers’ bodies to their limits. Launching off each other as if they were spring boards, throwing each other’s bodies around in ways that I didn’t know was possible. It is a performance you really need to witness for yourself.

The show is accompanied by a 5-piece jazz band. They are a very tight, musical unit that complement the acrobatics perfectly, building tension where needed, or providing the drive and chaos as the cast is thrown, flipped and launched across the stage.

There were a few opening night glitches, such as several cast members missing the lights and performing routines in the shadows, but I’m sure they will be ironed out over the run.

One big moment that made the show lose momentum was a monologue to explain the concept behind the show part way through. The company really should have relied more on their routines to bring this message across than feeling the need to explain what they were trying to achieve – the show, in my opinion, was doing this extremely well.

I Want To Touch You is a high energy show that runs for the remainder of the Fringe. In a world where you now think twice before hugging or shaking someone’s hand, this show uniquely explores touch in more ways than just physical human connection.

Reviewed by: Ben Stefanoff
Twitter: @theartsislife

Venue: The Boboli at The Garden Of Unearthly Delights
Season: March 6 – 21 2021 at Various Times
Duration: 1 hour (advertised, show we saw was 45 minutes)
Tickets: From $20

Rating out of 5: 4



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