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Gemtree Wines to host event series inspiring culture and connection

Gemtree Wines are partnering with Senior Cultural Custodian, Karl Winda Telfer of Yellaka to offer this special tour.

Gemtree Wines in beautiful McLaren flat are known for their biodynamic wines, so they have a rich appreciation for the soil and land on which they plant.

It’s because of this that they want other people to share in this land by being shown its value by its traditional owners.

Gemtree Wines say they are honoured to partner with Senior Cultural Custodian, Karl Winda Telfer of Yellaka, to share the event Tirkandi
Culture, Connection and Country.

Set amongst the native gumtrees of the Gemtree Eco-trail, Karl will share his knowledge as he takes guests on an inspiring journey of culture, connection and country. 

Well-respected and highly regarded, Karl is a senior man from the Mullawirra meyunna, the Dry forest people/family clan, which is known today as the Kaurna Nation from the Adelaide region.

He is a designer, artist, educator and co-founder of Yellaka – “Old Wisdom – New Ways”, an initiative to keep young people strong in culture and identity, through cultural teachings and learnings.

He knows a lot about the land that Gemtree sits on, so it is sure to be an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The experience will also include sampling some of Gemtree’s finest wines which as Gemtree say are “certified organic and biodynamic, a reflection of the soil from which they came…..wines grounded in earth.”

Photo Credit, Elena Pochesneva 2021

There are a number of dates the event is happening on March 2021 Saturday 27th, 10am-1pm, May 2021 Saturday 22nd, 10am-1pm, July 2021 Saturday 17th, 10am-1pm, October 2021 Saturday 16th, 4-7pm (Twilight – daylight savings).

To book your spot click here.

Gemtree Wines are located at 167 Elliott Rd, McLaren Flat SA 51

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