Globetrotting Adelaide band The Aves release music video

Formed in Adelaide in 2010, Triple J Unearthed winning indie band The Aves are a band who have travelled far and wide.

TheAvesPromoPhotoHiRes copyFormed in Adelaide in 2010, Triple J Unearthed winning indie band The Aves are a band who have travelled far and wide.

In the five years since forming, the band consisting of Lucy Campbell (vocals, guitar); Thomas Williams (guitar); Tasman Strachan (bass) and Clair O’Boyle (drums) have established a reputation as a formidable live band, combining adept musicianship with understated cool.

The band has toured the UK, Canada, the US and Australia performing at festivals including Bigsound, NXNE, River Rocks and the Big Day Out.

With influences including The Velvet Underground and The SmithsThe Aves have recorded two EPs in the world indie music capital, Brooklyn, New York at the Seaside Lounge Studios with producer Mitch Rackin. The EPs have been released by Mirador Records.

The Aves’ charismatic lead singer Lucy Campbell’s creative output also includes filmmaking – her directorial debut ‘Retirement’ was recently selected for the Bangkok International Student Film Festival – so it’s fitting that The Aves have entered the realm of music video.

With their global outlook in mind, it comes as no surprise that the track which the band has chosen for its latest video, ‘See My Friends’ was written in LA and inspired by Lucy’s encounter with vacuous, fame-seeking Angelinos.

Lucy explains, “When we went to the US it was a big culture shock. I found myself alone in LA after our tour so I rented at a place where hopeful actors, musicians, film-makers and journalists came from all around the US and California to make it ‘big’. We went to some parties and hung out and I found their eternal American optimism oddly compelling. They were mostly nice people but they saw the world in a very different way. Where I saw desperation they saw the great ‘American Dream.'”

The Aves have filmed a live performance of ‘See My Friends’ with the MAPS Film School, as part of MAPS Sessions. Filming one live take, the clip captures the band in their live glory.

Having already recorded demos for their long-awaited debut album, The Aves are planning to record the LP later this year, for release in early 2015.

Melbourne fans will be able to see The Aves at the EP launch of Dark Fair’s ‘Poison’ at the Old Bar, Fitzroy on Saturday 31 May.

In the meantime, Adelaide fans can check out the video for ‘See My Friends’ here:

More tunes can be heard at The Aves Triple J unearthed page:

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