Gyroscope + Horror My Friend At The Gov: Review

Gyroscope and Horror My Friend performed at The Gov on Saturday night. Here is the review.

It’s great to see a South Aussie band support Gyroscope for their entire tour. Upcoming act Horror My Friend have been blazing around the country the last couple of years trying to build up a fan base and it’s slowly but surely working. It can be a hard slog but well worth it. They have one album to their name, 2016’s “Stay In, Do Nothing”, which is an energetic mix of indie rock and post punk. And energetic is what they are, singer/guitarist Josh Battersby propels himself around the stage, slinging his guitar around the stage while somehow playing each note perfectly. Bassist and backing vocalist Tom Gordon bounds around the stage and keeps the groove going. Drummer Sam Kolesnik keeps this well-oiled machine ticking over by wildly thrashing on the skins and cymbals with such finesse. Make sure you check out this band as they could easily be the next band to be passed the torch by Gyroscope.

Speaking of Gyroscope, they were on next. The band erupted into “Don’t Look Now But I Think I’m Sweating Blood” with the typical Gyroscope vigour we are used to. Singer Dan Sanders is already jumping into the crowd and getting intimate with them. Going to be one of those nights!

It’s been a long time since the WA 4-piece have released any new music; seven years in fact. Fans received a big surprise when they dropped a two track 7-inch vinyl single at the end of 2017 featuring “Crooked Thought” and “Dab”. It features Gyroscope at their rawest and angriest. Second song of the night was the vitriolic “Crooked Thought” which slips nicely into their repertoire of songs.

The band easily glides through their cache of hits with the crowd shouting back every lyric and bounding around in the mosh pit with beer and bodily fluids spraying everywhere. Crowd favourite “Fast Girl” got the crowd jumping with excitement…as if they could get any more excited?! They seamlessly slide into Midnight Oil’s “Beds Are Burning” and did the iconic band much justice.

The band have been together since 1999 without a line-up change. They are four mates through and through, doing what they love. They play with such passion and fluidity. Two of their most well-known songs and in this reviewer’s opinion, rank highly in the best Australian songs of all time, are “Doctor, Doctor” and “Safe Forever”. They are every set they play but the band performs them with more firepower than all the world wars combined. And with the last bit of their energy, the set finished with an explosive version of Nirvana’s “Tourettes”. Let’s hope they don’t take too long to release a new album, 8 years has been way too long!

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