Holey Moley Pop Up Bar & Putt Putt To Launch In Adelaide

Following its success in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Holey Moley Bar and Putt Putt Club is now heading to Adelaide.

Adelaide, we know you love a good pop up bar. Cocktails? Yes. Great music? Check. Throwing that all together along with some leisure-tainment, Holey Moley is about to launch in our fair city, and is bringing you the craziest round of mini-golf you’ve ever played. Plus it’s inside so that helps given the chilly conditions outdoors.

Put on your finest golf-attire and rally up your caddies for an 18 hole tee off. But what’s a round-on-the green without a round of refreshments? Grab yourself something nice from their luscious list of libations and settle in at The Caddyshack Bar.

With the final location yet to be announced, we’re on the edge of our seats, but if their other locations in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are anything to go by, we’re about to have a hole lot of fun. #dadjoke

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