Ivan Ooze impresses as Peking Duk kill it at Fat Controller

Ivan Ooze impresses as Peking Duk kill it at Fat Controller


One of Australia’s highest profile dance duos, Peking Duk, set the dance floor alight at Fat Controller on Thursday night, with a swag of hits and a bunch of great jams after young stars Ivan Ooze and Mallrat, warmed the stage.

Despite her age and school-girl aesthetic, the much hyped Mallrat was deceptively catchy, with almost dead pan soft rapping and subdued sweet melodies. Whilst young, her obvious talents should make her an interesting prospect as she develops her craft. The production behind her was quite slick and bouncy, which contrasted interestingly with her delicate vocal style.

Ivan Ooze is a very high energy Australian rapper with a huge future. With fast slick lines and a thick syrupy voice with impeccable intonation, he makes the Hilltop Hoods seem like the old guard of Australian rap. With a style that puts him at the forefront of the young brigade of Australian rap his show at Fat Controller was nothing short of impeccable. Ivan has to be one of Australia’s most exciting rappers and one we highly recommend hitching your wagon to before he’s a household name. If you’re into quality hip hop, irrespective of whether it’s Australian or international, this guy is certainly going places. His performance was so captivating, he almost stole the show.

Canberra duo, Peking Duk have become one of the most bankable electronic acts in Australia and one of the nation’s biggest acts in their field of all time. As such, it’s really no surprise they sold out Fat Controller and furthermore generated one of the most chaotic, high intensity dance floors in recent memory (Groovin the Moo, withstanding). Rolling through a number of great live mixes of favourite old school anthems like DJ Medhi’s “Signatune” and Bloody Beetroots “Cornelius” they knew how to press the crowd’s buttons and got a great energy through the room. Perhaps taking the shirt off was something we could give or take, but the temperature really did go up couple of notches with the packed house heaving, almost on the verge of being like a moshpit. The biggest reactions however were for their own hits “Stranger”, the huge “Say My Name” and the memorable “High”. With the frenzy up front, the good vibes carried through to the back of the room, which is always a sign of an engaging live set.

Peking Duk putting on a great show is almost a given these days, given their status in Australian music. The key takeout tonight was the brilliance of young rapper Ivan Ooze, who we think has the talents to be a huge star in his own right. Remember the name.

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