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Adelaide Is Finally Getting A Jazz Club

And you don’t have to wait long for it – the first gig starts this week.


Adelaide is a great city for music lovers, but has long needed a regular jazz venue.

Finally, we are about to get one!

Musician, academic and general bon vivant, Mark Keough, is opening the Adelaide Jazz Club.

“I’ve been looking for something to do that would promote music. And whenever I travel for business around Australia I find myself in Bennett’s Lane in Melbourne, or Ellingtons in Perth, or the Brisbane Jazz Club. They’re great places to go for an evening. Always classy music, always great atmosphere,” says Mark. 

“In Adelaide there’s some fabulous jazz, but you have to really know where it is. And it’s often the same people playing week-after week, great though they are. It’s not the same model as Bennett’s Lane, where almost anyone might turn up and play.

“So I was in the Brisbane Jazz Club a couple of months ago and I wondered if there was an Adelaide Jazz Club, came home, found that no one owned the name…so…now I do!

Keough is starting with occasional gigs, moving into more regular ones, and eventually to a permanent venue. Currently he is working with Luke Saturno, who has kindly lent his Gilbert Street Hotel for the kick-off. Upstairs at the Gilbert, the club will be set up with intimate tables, and a small bar.

First artist is Nic Jeffries, who many would remember from The Voice in 2016.

“He is a renowned jazz singer and saxophonist in Sydney. Nic was touring as part of Damien Leith’s backing band, and I persuaded him to do a side-show.”

The Adelaide Jazz Club has its soft-launch this Wednesday September 19 from 7.30pm at Gilbert Street Hotel in the city. Entry starts from $22.50.

Click here for tickets and further information about the club, including membership.

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