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The Little Red Door becomes SA’s first bar to accept cryptocurrency

The Little Red Door is the first in SA to accept cryptocurrency as a legitimate form of payment, accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance or XRP.

Image credit: The Little Red Door

Calling all crypto lovers! The Little Red Door now accepts cryptocurrency, so whether you’re a long term investor in coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin, or new to the crypto game, you can now purchase your drinks using the digital currency.

The Hindley Street bar is the first in South Australia to accept cryptocurrency as a legitimate form of payment, accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB or XRP currently.

The rise of crypto in Australia and across the globe is undeniable, and with major companies like Starbucks, Microsoft and Twitch all accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, it’s only understandable that The Little Red Door would want to jump on the crypto train.

“It’s the way of the future,” says owner Rebecca Paris. “We were just looking at a different stream of income and revenue and seeing how we could get more people into the venue, and different types of clientele.”

“We’re thinking a little bit outside the square with approaching at looking at different income and keeping up with current trends.”

A crypto investor herself, Rebecca is hoping to switch up the game when it comes to ordering drinks and the bar while educating people about the future cryptocurrency.

“We’re hoping to be a catalyst for change,” says Rebecca.

To purchase a drink, punters will be able to scan a QR code for the crypto coin of their choice and make a direct transfer to Little Red Door. Then you’ll be able to enjoy your drink once you receive the green tick saying ‘smart contract executed’.

To celebrate the launch of Adelaide’s first crypto bar, The Little Red Door is hosting an epic free launch party to kick off all the crypto craziness on November 26.

Crypto affectionado and Adelaide local, the Crypto Serpent, will be making an appearance at the November party to chat and educate people about digital currency. A live DJ playing groovy tunes to guests and light, delectable nibbles to enjoy.

The Little Red Door has also created an exclusive cocktail list for the party, centred around cryptocurrency itself. While the finer details are still under wraps, Rebecca says her favourite is the Bull1 cocktail – a spin on a traditional mojito, with a hint of dried ginger ale and plenty of zesty lime.

The party is free, but guests must register their attendance at the exclusive event first. After the exciting November 26 launch, crypto lovers and novices alike will be able to purchase drinks at the bar.

“We don’t know what the future holds, we are looking to set up a system that will help you trade and reach a greater market,” says Rebecca.

“[But] it’s about bringing communities together that wouldn’t know each other or meet each other, and getting out and having a bit of fun with it.”

The Little Red Door crypto launch is on November 26, you can register your interest here.

You can find The Little Red Door at 182b Hindley Street, Adelaide, SA 5000

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