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Make the most of Adelaide Fringe’s final week with these immersive light shows

These immersive light shows are sure to put a twinkle in your eye and fill you with wonder.

With the Adelaide Fringe wrapping up this week, many of you may be wanting to soak up as much of the Fringe as possible while you still can. 

These immersive light shows are sure to put a twinkle in your eye and fill you with wonder.


Dan Acher’s Borealis is a Fringe favourite, having its Southern Hemisphere debut at the Adelaide Fringe in 2018. It has since received worldwide critical acclaim and wowed audiences in dozens of countries. 

This light show will completely transport you. High power laser beams travel through particle clouds to create the illusion of Aurora Borealis. 

Taking place at Rymill Park Lake in Gluttony, weather conditions, colour and density can change, meaning every night is a completely different experience. 

Mountain (RCC)

Mountain has wowed the crowds with its innovative, physical and visual spectacle. It has even been the headline entertainment at Glow, Horizon and Real Festivals in Australia. 

This unique combination of aerial theatre and cutting-edge performance technology is a true crowd pleaser for all ages. The four performers will ‘wow’ you with the seamless combination of acrobatics, dance and aerials to create a captivating spectacle.

Mountain also features a projected 3D play space which the audience are invited to experience after the 25 minute performance. This unique space encourages the public to ‘rediscover the environment, wildlife and our relationship to it as the stage is transformed into an interactive Australian habitat.’ 

Doppler Shift (RCC) 

“Doppler Shift” is a self-contained structure shelter with gradient shading that incorporates

immersive lighting and sound. The Installation visualises the Doppler effect in the visible light spectrum.

The Doppler effect alters how a wave is perceived by an observer. As you move through “Doppler Shift” you are encouraged to interact with the Doppler effect and experience how the gentle shifts of light affect your perception of your surroundings.

If you are in the mood for an interactive light show that will make you think, we recommend checking this one out.

Grief Lightning

This is one of the most unique light shows current on at the Fringe. 

Part-theatre, part-standup, part-PowerPoint Presentation. One lecturer desperately tries to prove a popular ‘Grease’ fan theory: that Sandy drowns in the opening beach sequence and the rest of the film is her coma fantasy.

Over the course of 13 scenes, 78 slides, and a flood of custom animations, the lecture warps. The audience will get lost in this show’s ideas of gender, pop culture, and obsession.

Plant Songs: Sound Bath in the Celestial Gardens

Finally, a light show for those plant-lovers! Relax, unwind and be immersed in the presence of the sounds of plants. 

Located at The Joinery on Franklin Street, this show will leave you feeling at one with nature. Let the sound-bath wash over you in the celestial gardens in a music and light filled evening. 

Attendees are even encouraged to bring cushions or yoga mats to make the experience even more relaxing. 


INFINITE SPACES is the latest in a series of installations by 19MIL that explores the interactions of video, light and reflection.

Hailing all the way from London, 19MIL specialise in the design and production of stages and immersive environments for live performance and events.

The audience is invited to get lost amongst seemingly endless animation where their perception of space is challenged. 


This show is a multimedia cultural spectacular making its debut as part of Adelaide Fringe 2021. 

To the finely selected DJ cuts of Dre ‘MoZzi’ Ngatokorua, this show gives the audience the opportunity to be immersed in the artwork of Lavene ‘INKATJA’ as her paintings inspired by Adnyamathanha culture are brought to life through floor to ceiling projections. 

Dre ‘MoZzi’ Ngatokorua and Lavene ‘INKATJA’ are of Wangkangurru and Adnyamathanha descent with Dre’s roots also being Cook Island and Maori.

Ticket holders can wander through Ngunyawayiti Theatre at any time between 7.30pm – 10.30pm and take their time to soak up this sensory experience, grab a pillow and lie on the floor and take in the whole experience. 

A Light In the Dark

Artists explore what light they have found in complex social and political times. Explorations may be literal, spiritual or multidimensional. 

Located at the West Torrens Auditorium Gallery, witness an established group of exhibiting artists who contribute to exhibitions and explore this year’s theme in a refreshing multimedia display.

Why We Tell Stories – Live from Calgary

Spoken word poet Miranda Krogstad intersperses her work with TED Talk-style lecture and other interdisciplinary arts for this powerful, multimedia show.

This show seamlessly combines poetry, film, captions, comedy, dance, music, and other art forms in this storytelling journey that will leave you feeling engaged and inspired, uplifted and challenged.

Through personal stories on the universal themes of love, loss, humor, self-expression, and more, Krogstad uses her individual experience to point out the commonalities in all of us. Heart-warming, hopeful, and vulnerable, ‘Why We Tell Stories’ is an appeal to acceptance and diversity that should not be missed.

Nice to Meet You

‘Nice To Meet You’ is a new body of work by Adelaide based Artist Arlon Hall.

This show explores new possibilities within his practice, investigating the relationship between

painting, drawing, sculpture, light, movement, interaction and installation in a bold and abstract explosion of colour. 

Throughout the period of the exhibition the audience will be invited to engage with interactive elements within the installation and become active players within Hall’s colourful world.

To secure your tickets for any of these shows, visit the Fringe Tix website 

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