MOD. Museum Brings The Future To Adelaide

Adelaide’s newest museum is opening today, and it looks VERY cool!

If you love learning about new ideas, have an interest in the future, or just like wandering through rooms full of science-inspired art pieces and crazy, futuristic machines, then this new museum opening today is just your cup of tea!

The Museum of Design, also known as the MOD., is a futuristic museum of discovery, a place to be inspired. It’s a science experience like nothing else in Adelaide, showcasing how research shapes our understanding of the world to inform the future. If that’s a little too science-y for you, then worry not… the museum features plenty of interactive exhibitions that you’ll have plenty of fun playing around with!

One of the coolest things the MOD. features is Australia’s first Science on a Sphere, a room-sized display that shows planetary data on a sphere surrounded by touchscreens.

The space comes complete with with a cafe and shop, so you can take a break if all that futurism talk blows your mind a little too hard, and enough room to host talks, workshops and special events.

Follow the MOD. on Facebook or their crazy cool Instagram to keep up to date with their ever-changing exhibitions and their upcoming workshops and talks. The MOD. opens for the first time tomorrow and you can visit at the following hours:

12pm to 6pm — Tues through Thurs
12pm to 8pm — Fri
10am to 4pm — Sat and Sun

We’re super excited about this museum that looks like it’ll make learning fun again!

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