Most Women Are Guilty Of It

Most Women Are Guilty Of It

Over half of Aussie women edit images of themselves before posting on social.



Over half of Aussie women admit to editing images of themselves before posting on social media.

Despite over two thirds (66%) of Aussie women thinking it’s wrong for magazines to edit pictures, over half (57%) regularly edit their own social media pictures to enhance their look.

The Perfect Profile research reveals Aussie women go to extreme lengths to ensure sure they look their best as the use of social media increases, and if they don’t, they aren’t happy. Over sixty per cent of women surveyed (62%) make friends show them pictures to approve before they are posted online and 60% untag themselves if they feel they don’t look good enough.

While most Aussies don’t take as long as Kim and Kanye (who took four days to perfect a picture for their Wedding) most women take three or more selfies to get it right and 11% take over ten pictures to make sure their picture is social media-ready.

Research was conducted by BeautyHeaven in November 2014. Carli Alman, Editor of BeautyHeaven, said: “It seems there are double standards when it comes to photo editing. Aussie women want it to stop in magazines but many are editing their own pics.  They’ve seen celebs like Beyoncé and Miranda Kerr looking perfect in their social media snaps, knowing many of these images have been edited and now there is a copycat effect.”

Recently, Beyoncé allegedly edited her thighs in various Instagram pictures. This body part is in the top three things Aussie women edit the most, alongside tummy and skin, using apps such as Photowonder, Perfect365, filters and Photoshop.

In some cases the trend has gone to extremes, with 1 in 5 (18%) admitting they have done so much photo editing, their profile picture isn’t a fair representation of what they look like in person.

Given these alarming statistics, we’ve put together our top 5 tips for looking good in a selfie without having to edit.

1. Hold the camera slightly above yourself (or get your friend taking the photo to do the same) so the lens is angled down. Angling up only accents double chins and is difficult to make look good.

2. Extreme close ups aren’t amazing for anyone without a filter. Limit these or take photos further away for a more flattering result.

3. Shadows! Make sure your face isn’t half in sunlight, half in shadows. Find even lighting to help deliver a more flattering result.

4. Find your best angle. Everyone has a better side, so play around with your poses until you find a photo that works for you. Just try and avoid looking like Zoolander with the same face/pose in every photo.

5. The skinny arm. Pop your hands on your hips to pull your arms away from your body. It helps them look slimmer and more toned.

Ultimately, a good selfie is an art form so if you’re keen to post them, practice practice practice!

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