New boutique bottle shop and wine bar (that’ll also sling fried chicken) to open at Plant 3 Bowden

Bowden cellars will be a wine bar, restaurant, and of course bottleshop from the co-founders of Adelaide Wine Markets as well as the crew from the CaroClub food truck who will be running the kitchen.

Joining the highly anticipated Plant 3 Bowden will be a new wine bar, restaurant, and bottleshop from the co-founders of the Adelaide Wine Markets and the crew from CaroClub food truck in the kitchen.

Behind Bowden cellars is Dale Wostikow and Josh Voigt and they’ve been thinking about opening a bricks and mortar for a bit over two years now according to Josh.

“It’s been a bit of a goal of mine and my business partners to open an establishment, after being in the wine industry for over 15 years myself, we thought to ourselves we want to get to a stage where that’s the goal and it’s coming together which is great,” Josh says.

To Josh, if they were going to open a permanent venue, then that would have to be done the right way with all the offerings; a restaurant, wine bar, and bottle shop.

“What we really wanted was to provide an offering that was tied in with exposing and showcasing the best South Australia has to offer in terms of wines craft beers and spirits,” he says.

Josh and Dale met the CaroClub duo through mutual friends and according to them, they just hit it off straight away. Both teams were looking for permanent locations so their meeting was full of fate.

CaroClub’s menu will feature their classics such as their chicken burgers and a new breakfast menu.

Bowden cellars are hoping to be the hangout spot for locals.

“It’s a massive highlight for us to be a part of that development (Plant 3) and that community.”

Plant 3 is the sister development of much loved Bowden markets Plant 4 and as their Facebook says they are “lovingly connected to each other, same, same but different.”

Plant 3 Bowden, as well as having Bowden Cellars, will feature a microbrewery/restaurant, barber, bar, and licensed multi-use function space and is sure to be a go-to hangout spot.

Bowden Cellars opening is dependent on the building of Plant 3, but they hope to open in the not too distant future, sometime in autumn.

Bowden cellars will be found in Plant 3 at 5 Third St, Bowden SA.

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