New changes earmarked for kerbside bin collection

The Malinauskas Government will prohibit councils imposing kerbside rubbish collection fees based on weight and from charging households additional fees for general waste collection.

South Australia is set to revamp its kerbside collection rules aimed to streamline services, eliminate unfair fees, and enhance recycling efforts across metropolitan Adelaide.

One of the key changes in the pipeline is the prohibition of councils from imposing kerbside rubbish collection fees based on weight. Additionally, households in metropolitan Adelaide will no longer face additional charges for weekly general waste collection. These adjustments are envisioned to make waste management services more accessible and cost-effective for all residents.

Central to the proposed reforms is the mandate for metropolitan councils to maintain a three-bin kerbside collection system. This system, comprising general waste, commingled recycling, and food and garden organics (FOGO), is designed to optimize resource recovery and minimize landfill waste. Households will then be able to contribute effectively to the circular economy by recycling materials at home with confidence.

“It is critical that we continue to find ways to reduce the amount of household waste that goes into landfill,” Deputy Premier and minister for climate, environment and water Susan Close said.

“These new laws will assist the State Government to support improved kerbside resource recovery and diversion outcomes while ensuring residents are not adversely affected by the changes.

“I encourage South Australians to have their say on this new legislation.”

The bill also seeks to prevent the recombining of waste from kerbside collection bins. This measure ensures that the efforts invested by South Australian households in recycling are upheld throughout the waste management process, bolstering confidence in the effectiveness of recycling initiatives.

In a bid to uphold quality standards, all new and replacement kerbside rubbish bins will be required to comply with Australian Standards. This includes distinguishing residual rubbish bins with red lids, facilitating easy identification and proper waste segregation.

Councils currently reporting on kerbside collection performance to Green Industries SA (GISA) will now have to provide comprehensive data to the State Government. This will enable better monitoring of diversion and recycling performance, leading to improved resource recovery outcomes.

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