Review: AMC Session 11- Moonshine & Memories

The Adelaide Music Collective once again stepped up to the plate with the 11th in their bi-monthly celebration of SA Music.

12032677_10205101119351134_2989325148627274846_oThe Adelaide Music Collective once again stepped up to the plate with the 11th edition of their bi-monthly celebration of SA Music. It’s difficult not to be emotive at such a monumental contribution to the musical achievements of Adelaide artists, as these nights are more than a special gathering of emerging and established talent, but are also a history making event.

Enrico Morena has had incredible support from music industry icons with this initiative, and they play out more like a great family of industry and associated people rather than an event as such.

Last Friday’s (2nd Oct) session saw the Moonshine Jug & String Band inducted into the SA Music Hall Of Fame by John Pemberton, along with Chris Bailey (posthumously) of The Angels, and Adelaide identity Alex Innocenti who was responsible for the Myponga Festival of the 70’s among other things. There was also a moving video tribute to the late Doc Neeson (The Angels), which clearly moved former bandmates Rick and John Brewster, who formed the band with Neeson in the 70’s. They were originally the Moonshine Jug & String Band, eventually trading in their novelty Jug Band act for hard, guitar driven rock. The rest is history.

Accepting the award for Chris Bailey were his wife Josie and son Ollie, who looked quite the part with the cutest Mohawk ever.

Alex Innocenti shared tales of his time running The Flinders Street Cellar, as well as his run ins with names such as Mick Jagger, Bon Scott and Daddy Cool; his industry experience resembling a one-man encyclopedia of music anecdotes

The music acts were thoughtfully selected, with music circuit regular Sasha March playing a solid set of originals. She is a soulful, talented solo artist and definitely worth a listen should you see her about.

A surprise find was the next act, Banjo Jackson who, with Frank on Violin, played a unique blend of bluegrass, folk and country style music with vivid stories in song. Jackson’s music is reminiscent of early Bob Dylan, mixed with a hint of Neil Young and John Denver with his tranquil, picturesque songs evoking images of scenic landscapes. It was bliss!

London bombing survivor Gill Hicks, along with Gary Burrows and the Immanuel College Choir, performed what could best be describes a peace song for our times. What makes this more special is that Hicks, a trained singer, should not be able to sing given the extent of her injuries that left her for dead. To be able to defy the odds and return to living a normal life is an amazing survival story in itself.

After a short break and the inductions, Moonshine Jug & String Band closed off the night with a fantastically energetic set. This was their first time playing together in 44 years, and given they’d had little time to rehearse they still remained tight, vocally slick, and were true entertainers in every sense of the word. The lineup was Peter Thorpe (Bass), Spencer Tregloan (Banjo, Vocals), Robert Petchell (Harmonica, Jug), John and Rick Brewster (Washboard, Guitar, Vocals) and Craig Holden (Guitar). There’s a slight chance that these gents will get together again- please say it is so.

It has been a privilege to be in attendance of such a historic and important part of our music history since the AMC started, and they’ve only just begun! Let the good times, and nostalgia, roll!

The final session for the year will see Bill Chambers, David Moyse, and Brian Degruchy inducted, with Chambers and Moyse also performing. Additional acts are Bearded Gypsy Band & Maggie Rutjens.

Where: The Goodwood Institute- Friday 13th November. 7:30pm.


Reviewed by Darren Hassan



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