Review: British India-Forgetting The Future Tour

The Gov was packed Friday night for the British India Forgetting The Future tour, with young and old filling out the venue with surprising speed. Even the staff were getting in the mood, there was a surprising level of bopping going on as drinks were poured and food prepared for the concert-goers. Maybe it was the festive spirit, maybe it was simply the fact it was Friday, but either way the place had a good vibe and everyone was ready for the fun to start well before the bands hopped on stage.

True Holiday, a local rock outfit, kicked off the support act set for the night, giving off reminiscent 90s alt-rock vibes that I loved. Think early Saosin, Something for Kate and so on—a diverse set that thrashes out then settles it down. They got the crowd pumping and had an impressive turn out, even at 8.30pm. Unfortunately though, the gaps between sets was a let-down, as there was anything up to 30 minutes between each act. It left the audience with too much time, losing the momentum that the previous act would get going by the end of their time on stage.

Another local band, The New Yorks played the second set of the evening with a funky start to the show. The crowd was thrilled with the set, they sounded brilliant on stage with a tight performance. Neon Trees vibes showed at times before they moved into an edgier sounding track list to conclude. I suggest anyone interest in the indie scene keeping an eye out for their work and shows in the future—they have some real potential and had an excellent live sound.

British India played a brilliant show. Opening with ‘Black & White Radio’, the venue was completely packed as they got on stage. It became obvious how small The Gov can feel with so many people and such a small stage—vocals can sometimes wash out under the bass. However, the vibe was good and the crowd were very well behaved. Their crowd interaction was fantastic and there were moments when I could hear the crowd over lead singer Declan Melia, which is great from an interaction point of view. Everyone was excited and the feeling was infectious.

According to Declan, their least requested song is ‘Plastic Souvenirs’—a classic from their 2013 album Controller, which they played anyway after calling for requests. ‘I Said I’m Sorry’ made an appearance before they played ‘My Love’, swapping out ‘my love’ for ‘I know’ after predicting that this song would make number 1 on the Triple J Hottest 100. I, and mostly likely everyone at The Gov on Friday, are going to hold them to that.  The crowd was starting to crowd surf by this point, with ‘Precious’ garnering an enthusiastic sing along.

They had fan favourites, as well as quieter tracks to settle down the crowd before riling everyone up again. It was almost sad to see them go after they encored with ‘I Can Make You Love Me’, having played a brilliant mix of old and covering their latest album Forgetting The Future. I highly recommend everyone catch these guys at least once in their life. Unfortunately the tour is over, but you can still check out their brilliance by checking out their album Forgetting The Future on Spotify or iTunes for yourself.

By Zoe Butler

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