Review: Underoath Make Waves At The Gov!

Review: Underoath Make Waves At The Gov!

With seven studio albums, two Grammy nominations, sold-out tours and literally hundreds of thousands of records sold, the anticipation for the return of Underoath to the live scene in Adelaide was beyond palpable.


Thursday 16th February 2017

In 2012 fanatics of the post hardcore and metalcore movement worldwide were devastated with the news that their beloved christian outfit Underoath were to disband after a farewell tour concluding in January 2013. However this heartache was not to be permanent, in fact in 2015 a reconciliation for the sextet was announced at California’s Self Help Fest which in turn provoked an elation for fans on a global scale. This exhilaration was enhanced by the official statement made by the band that they were officially reunited and it was now Australia’s turn to be “ever so inviting”.

Sydney’s SleepMakesWaves were handpicked by Underoath as the main support for the entirety of the tour down under and this may have created a surge of confusion for the adorers of the headliners. In all probability, SleepMakesWaves are arguably the best instrumental / post-rock / post-metal band in Australia and they attacked The Gov with the incentive of proving it.

Instrumental music of this calibre becomes fascinatingly a journey for the imagination of both the listener and the artist; essentially a soundtrack to allow the mind to wander with both audio and visual magnificence. Perfect Detonator, Great Northern and Something Like Avalanches were simply exquisite and channelled the leaders of the post-rock movement such as This Will Destroy You, 65daysofstatic and the lighter side of Russian Circles; it ultimately captivated the entirety of the venue into a blissful aura. Truthfully, it was near-impossible to not be enveloped by the animated performance the quartet executed and their upcoming headline tour for their new album Made Of Breath Only is one that should certainly be RSVP’d to as “attending”. Undoubtedly, numerous attendees from this event will be taking part.

With seven studio albums, two Grammy nominations, sold-out tours and literally hundreds of thousands of records sold, the anticipation for the return of Underoath to the live scene in Adelaide was beyond palpable. To add further significance to the show, the six-piece were performing their two seminal and favourite albums They’re Only Chasing Safety and Define The Great Line in full; memorable would only scratch the surface of what was to transpire.

Launching into Young And Aspiring, the song incited havoc from Adelaide and this was to be the motif for the remainder of the evening. A Boy Brushed In Red… Living In Black And White impossibly intensified the mayhem and It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door transformed the South Australian audience into a choir for the adored lyric: “Drowning In My Sleep”.

I Don’t Feel Very Receptive Today maintained the crowd choir contributions but the convincing highlight was when vocalist Spencer Chamberlain asked The Gov to light up the venue with their smartphones as the band played Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape; this was sincerely an optical euphoria.

The six men then departed the stage for a brief intermission then just as their song In Division states, they underwent a “reset, rewind” to return and play Define The Great Line in full. In Regards To Myself reintroduced the heavier side to Underoath with a profound breakdown section which had not been heard in Adelaide since 2011 when the band played with fellow Floridians A Day To Remember. Incredibly the sextet have convalesced to a remarkable effect since that lacklustre last appearance and their muscle memory kicks-in with an impossible dynamic that gives testament to Underoath’s worldwide notoriety.

You’re Ever So Inviting was simply flawless as all six men displayed an untouchable insanity onstage, but it was Returning Empty Handed which inspired Spencer Chamberlain to exit the stage and join his audience at ground level which led into the closest song to a ballad Writing On The Walls later that provoked a deafening sing-along. To finish arguably the heaviest track of the night Everyone Looks So Good From Here and finallyTo Whom It May Concern, a seven minute epic which coerced The Gov into an enchanted submission.

It was confirmed (again) that Underoath are permanently back and hoping to return to Australia every year from now on; what the future holds for the six-piece is without doubt looking “so good from here”.

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