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Review: Virginia Gay: Songs to Self-Destruct to – 2013 Adelaide Cabaret Festival

Presented by Adelaide Cabaret Festival
Reviewed Saturday 15th June 2013

If you go to Songs to Self-Destruct to expecting to see Virginia Gay as she was in television’s All Saints, or as she currently appears in the series Winners And Losers, then you will be bitterly disappointed! This is Gay at her sexy, hypnotically, crazily, maniacally, hysterically funny best – and can the lady sing!

Gay’s latest cabaret show is based on insomnia, having suffered from it herself for sixteen years. She cleverly breaks down those dreaded sleepless hours from midnight to dawn using what she feels are appropriate songs for each individual hour – and what an eclectic collection they are: everything from Gautier through to Kanye and Prince (or Artist Formerly Known As). Gay puts interesting twists on the numbers as well: who else would perform a Honky Tonk version of David Bowie’s “Major Tom” or meld “Mr Sandman” with Metallica’s “Enter The Sandman”?

One of Gay’s undoubted talents is how she communicates with an audience and uses a room to her advantage. In this show no chair or table is safe as she meanders around her captive fans, feeling comfortable with them and making them equally so with her. This lady really enjoys what she does (even to the point of taking her boots off and performing bare footed) – and we adore her for it.

As for the three-piece band – WOW! Musical Director Simon Ross plays piano, piano accordion and ukulele (not at the same time), with bass player Gavin Pierce and percussionist Benny Cann equally as hot and stunning as Ms Gay in all numbers.

This is an absolutely fabulous addition to this year’s Cabaret Festival, and if we must self-destruct who better than the gorgeous, highly talented Virginia Gay to do it with!

Reviewed by Brian Godfrey

Venue: Banquet Room, Adelaide Festival Centre
Season: 15 – 16 June 2013
Duration: 1hr 10mins
Tickets: $34.90 – $39.90
Bookings: Book at BASS


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