SA-based team to tackle Everest


In Spring 2010, South Australian explorer, Duncan Chessell and his Adelaide-based team will leave South Australia to attempt their fourth expedition to the summit of Mount Everest.

Arguably one of Australia’s most successful and daring adventurers Duncan will be attempting a true ascent from ‘Sea to Summit’, a journey beginning at Calcutta, India and cycling more than 1400km to Base Camp in Tibet before starting the climb to the top of Everest with his team of 80 people.

Deputy team leader and super-fit Mum of three boys, Katie Sarah is returning for some unfinished business. In 2007 Katie narrowly missed the summit stopping only 400m short whilst carrying a broken foot. Three years later she is even more determined and has adhered to a gruelling training regime as part of her 2010 preparations.

The expedition team are searching for TV, print and radio media partners to accompany them throughout this trek to the top of the world.

Using satellite technology they have a proven track record in delivering media content across multiple platforms including video, images, audio files blogs and live crosses from the field.

The climb has the potential to generate national interest across a broad range of audiences interested in education, the environment, sport, lifestyle, travel and national achievements.

Principal Event Partner, naming rights and various summit sponsorship opportunities also currently exist for interested media partners.


Duncan Chessell

In 2001 Duncan Chessell became the first South Australian to climb Mt Everest. In 2007 he repeated the feat when he led the most successful Everest expedition ever, placing 15 of 19 climbers on the summit.

Duncan is one of only 15 people in history to have led expeditions to all of the world’s seven summits- the highest peaks on each continent. In 2008 he also pioneered the World’s first Sea to Summit journey – a 400km sled journey followed by an ascent of Mt Vinson, Antarctica’s highest peak.

Duncan holds a New Zealand Mountain Guides Association qualification and has been climbing since 1988. He owns Chessell Adventures (Australia), Arun Treks and Expeditions (Nepal) and PNG Expeditions (PNG) and maintains a hands-on role in all Everest expeditions. As a highly successful businessman and adventurist Duncan is a sought after keynote speaker attending events around the world.

Katie Sarah (Adelaide, SA)

Fellow South Australian, Katie Sarah is the deputy team leader. She narrowly missed the summit in 2007 stopping only 400m short whilst carrying a broken foot. The Adelaide-based mother of three is aiming for the top this time.

Zac Zaharias (Canberra, ACT)

In 1988 Zac was the team leader of the Australian bi-centenary expedition to Everest and 2001 he led the Australian Army Alpine expedition. He has been within 150m of summiting twice and is determined not to be beaten again.

Robert Jackson (Hunter Valley, NSW)

Robert has already climbed the world’s seven summits with Duncan, and is looking to accompany his friend Robert to the summit this time round.

Doctor Robert North (Seymour, Victoria)

Robert N has also climbed six of the world’s seven summits but was forced to turn back just 400m from the top of Everest in 2007 – a distance he aims to conquer in 2010.


18 March 2010 Duncan departs for Nepal to make final preparations
22 March 2010 Duncan commences the “Sea to Summit” ride from Calcutta
30 March 2010 Duncan arrives in Kathmandu
2 April 2010 Sherpas depart Kathmandu to drive to Base Camp
6-12 April Duncan cycles overland to Base Camp (expected to cross the Tibetan border 8 April)
8 April 2010 Katie Sarah departs Adelaide
14 April 2010 Katie Sarah and the western climbing team arrive from Beijing and begin travel to Base Camp
24 April 2010 Full team arrives at Base Camp
1 May 2010 Full team arrive Advanced Base Camp
4 May 2010 Climbing begins on Everest
20 May – 8 June 2010 Summit window

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