Still from film 1968

Say Yasou to the Greek Film Festival!


The Delphi Bank Greek Film Festival is four days celebrating the best of Greek cinema and culture.

Opening night tomorrow, October 10th sees the amazing feature 1968. Directed by Tassos Boulmetis, this tells the story of the 1968 European (basketball) Cup final when an underdog Greek team finally won. Set against the backdrop of right-wing military rule, the match becomes a focus for a portrait of Greece’s people, and their ability to find joy in the hardest of circumstances. Tickets for opening night include food, wine and Greek music.

Other films showing include: The Bachelor 3 (Greece’s answer to The Hangover franchise); Aigaio SOS, a dystopian fantasy; In This Land Nobody Knew How to Cry, a contemporary drama; and The Bullet Within, a true story set in contemporary Cyprus.

The Delphi Bank Greek Film Festival runs from October 10th to 13th, at PalaceNova Eastend only.

Click here for screening times, and to book tickets.

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