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Seasons in the City, by Megan McKean

CHILDREN’S: Find out what different seasons look like in cities all around the world in this beautifully illustrated book for readers and travellers of all ages.

Perfect for anywhere that curious youngsters can be found!

What is most to love about this book is how it vibes. Although only recently published, it somehow feels nostalgic. It feels like you are being transported back to reading a book in the early years of primary school, in an era without modern technology.

Perhaps this is because all the illustrations feature celebrations, landscapes, buildings, people, and items that are simple or traditional. For example, the scenery of New York shows no lights, only windows in the buildings, and certainly no billboards. As the New York narrative is set in winter, there are speckled snowflakes, a drum parade, and a large candelabra. No mobiles, no computers, and only a few yellow taxis.

Seasons in the City is predictably divided into four parts, starting with Spring. Each season highlights six cities from around the world with a brief explanation about the city, ranging from a bit of history, celebrations held, activities or hobbies that are popular during the season, the weather, or the type of food eaten. They do not all cover the same format of information, which adds a bit of variety.

In addition, unlike some of the glossy or vibrant shades-of-colour books we see today, the seasons’ depictions are simple shades of colour with minimal detail. It is visually appealing throughout, with a hardcover design featuring the book’s title in the middle. It is the type of book that you can imagine in any setting where children roam, such as playgroups, school classrooms, and libraries.

Although school-aged children could read the book independently, toddlers may find the font too small. In addition, the latter would be unfamiliar with some of the vocabulary. However, as the illustrations feature points of interest referred to in the text, you could ask the younger listener to find them. This ability to share the text and engage the reader makes it an excellent educational piece for toddlers.

Author Megan McKean is a talented visual communicator and her children’s books have been shortlisted for multiple awards. Seasons in the City will delight any child curious about the world.

Reviewed by Rebecca Wu

This review is the opinion of the reviewer and not Glam Adelaide.

Distributed by: Hachette Australia
Released: September 2021
RRP: $29.99


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