South Australian Start Up Is Changing The Face Of Accounting

This isn’t your average story about accounting… we suggest you read on…

Chris feat

Chris Hooper, CEO of Accodex Partners.

A tech startup and an accounting firm have a baby… the result? A high-tech accounting firm looking to change the face of accounting forever.

Accodex Partners, the South Australian startup, offers a new tech-enabled platform for freelance accountants and they are making waves amongst the accounting world. Having just secured over $180,000 from private investors in North America and Australia in a seed funding round, they are set to use this cash injection to fund capacity building for the startup both in Australia and overseas.

Adelaidean Chris Hooper is the CEO behind the startup and having started his career in the fitness industry (from fitness to accounting…yep that is a weird transition) he learnt the ins and outs of small business and realised that bookkeeping, GST, tax and all the numbers involved in owning a business needed some improvement.

After gaining a Diploma Of Business from The South Australian Institute of Business and Technology, a Bachelor of Commerce from The University of South Australia, a Graduate Diploma in Chartered Accounting with the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia, a Diploma of Management through the Australian Institute of Management as part of the Young Business Leaders Program AND (yes there is more) an MBA from UniSA, he is more than informed in the world of business, accounting and management.

So, having been appointed CEO of Accodex in January 2015, Chris is the perfect candidate to relocate to the startup’s newly opened office in North America.

“As a startup, securing funding is a critical enabler for our growth and success, and we’re incredibly excited that our investors share our passion for Accodex’s potential.

“Having recently visited the US I can see Australia really is a world-leader in using technology to completely revolutionise accounting as we currently know it and Accodex is keen to share this knowledge globally.”

Investors include angel investor Harry Schiff from Venture Catalysts who met Hooper at Startup Weekend.

“I’ve been watching these guys for a while, so when I saw they were raising to expand in North America, I jumped at the opportunity,” said Schiff.

Other investors include technologists Shawn Webster and Ben Longstaff and innovation consultant Aaron Lepoidevin, all of whom are under 40 years of age.

It is awesome to see some young and entrepreneurial minds working together to change the face of an often tedious and time consuming task.

“We see Accodex as not just bean counters, but data crunchers. We are looking at not just accounting technology, but any technology that can capture business data and turn it into management intelligence, it’s a win-win for our accountants and the businesses they service,” says Hooper.

Accodex’s attorney Christos Tsonis remarked, “It’s a sign of things to come, this is what we call recycled capital. When an entrepreneur makes a win, they want to give back to the community that helped shape them.”

Chris said that, “While this is an exciting moment in our journey, we are just getting started.”

Well we cannot wait to see what this go getting team can achieve. We can only imagine that it will be greatness.

For more information on the company, check out their website.


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