Syndey’s alternative pop-punk trio Stand Atlantic have became a tale of hope by following their dreams. On the verge of releasing their new EP ‘Sidewinder’, the three-piece find themselves in a situation where their ambition and dreams have become an actuality


In a rather melancholy state of affairs, this world is facing a time of uncertainty. With remorseless threats looming over mankind and the Earth, in the form of possible nuclear war, unjust political affairs, a lack of humanity exposing itself daily and even nature showing its immense capability for destruction; there is a constant occurring trepidation that instills itself everyday. The truest fortification that people of this planet have against this unpredictability has been to hope and to dream that we will persevere through these dangers.

On the topic of dreams, it has been a guidance for humans for as long as our species has existed, and to an extent, a saviour amongst turmoil. These aspirations form an inspiration and if the fantasy becomes reality, that is the ultimate and unquantifiable reward. As famed boxer Sugar Ray Leonard said – “Within our dreams and aspirations we find our opportunities”.

Syndey’s alternative pop-punk trio Stand Atlantic have became a tale of hope by following their dreams. On the verge of releasing their new EP ‘Sidewinder’, the three-piece find themselves in a situation where their ambition and dreams have become an actuality. As vocalist/guitarist Bonnie Fraser enthusiastically explains to GlamAdelaide, once the recording process of the five tracks were completed, a metaphoric avalanche of triumphs approached the band in the form of both a management and an international record deal.

“It was really strange, we finished recording ‘Sidewinder’ and then it was as soon as a week later, or something insanely quick, our now manager approached us with every question under the sun about our band and ourselves. Anyways after we signed with him (Matthew Clarke, Capital Artist Management) he got us almost instantly in touch with Rude Records and it just snowballed from there.” She continues – “Before we knew it we were on their label and part of their family. It was really crazy. The timing was just unfathomable, we literally just finished recording then our manager joined us and then Rude Records, I mean ‘you cannot make this shit up’ (laughs).”

Whilst the rewards are that of fairytales, upon one listen of ’Sidewinder’ and the decorations become more than justified. The versatility and song-writing exposed on the five tracks, expanding on the alternative pop-rock/pop-punk genre, showcase a maturity well beyond the age of both Stand Atlantic as a band and the members themselves. The fact that the outfit are now recognised internationally is because their collective talent screams to be heard and respected. Lead single Coffee At Midnight possesses a chorus made for stadiums that even Paramore themselves would admire and inherently exposes just part of what Stand Atlantic is musically and sonically.

“There is a lot of versatility in the EP, but the reason we chose this song to lead ‘Sidewinder’ essentially is because we haven’t released new music in like two years. We wanted to comeback with something slightly different to the rest of the EP but still in the same vein obviously off what Stand Atlantic is musically. We definitely explored the more punk side of pop-punk with this single Coffee At Midnight, it certainly had a bit more of a ‘bang’. However, it isn’t an out of place or abstract track, it fits in and flows with the rest of the songs very well.”   

The accompanying video clip for Coffee At Midnight has clocked up over 34000 views on YouTube and frankly this honour is more than comprehensible. Commanded by the extremely talented videographer Kieran Ellis-Jones of Crystal Arrow Films, the short film and majestic music guiding it really is that of global appreciation. However, for Bonnie, David Potter (bass) and Jonno Panichi (drums), all of this attention is still an achievement they are trying to grasp. As Bonnie explains:

“It is really weird to see that ascension with it all. We have a demo we released in 2015 and we incorporated a video with that record; as cool as it was to have a music video it was just something (pauses); looking back I find it a bit amateur to be honest. Now we have progressed with our music and really stepped up to another level, it made sense to work with Kieran Ellis-Jones, a videographer/director we have admired for a long time, then seeing that final product is just overwhelmingly cool. We are so proud to have been involved with the project and now to be able to share it around, we are above delighted.”

Stand Atlantic has since worked with Kieran again for their Sidewinder video, but this is just another step for the trio. Recently the band completed a national tour with pop-punk heavy weights New Found Glory and finally the three-piece were able to showcase the songs they have been sitting on in a live format. As this writer was an observer at the Adelaide show, the association and connection that both new fans and committed aficionados of Stand Atlantic presented during their performance was beautifully obvious. The main reason why is Bonnie Fraser’s capacity and aptitude to write from her heart, as vulnerable as this may make her, it is what the listeners are attaching themselves to and rather remarkably.

“There are a couple of songs that are related to each other in a way, I personally ended a relationship prior to writing the tracks.” She admits – “It was convenient, but understandably very sad so that was a source of inspiration. There are songs on their about doing what one wants in life and making mistakes; it’s hard to summarise into just a couple of concepts because there is a lot of going on in the five songs. There is a connection, but as a whole they are their own stories if I had to really explain them.”

She elaborates further – “It’s very therapeutic to be able to write during a difficult period. Putting all these confused and shitty feelings into music is a saviour, as difficult as it was to do at times. This is the most honest and vulnerable I have ever been writing music ever, in comparison to the demo from a couple of years back, I feel the growth and strength in myself as a songwriter. Putting all of that into the band and music is, not a distraction; it relieves those mixed feelings especially from the break up. I couldn’t pick a better therapy truthfully.”

With a very strong supporting team behind them including management, Rude Records and even their families – “My mum is the biggest fan of me that will ever exist. I could hear her the other night actually constantly repeating the video for Coffee At Midnight on YouTube so most of the views are actually from her I am pretty sure HAHA” Bonnie discloses. This dream come true scenario maybe at its beginning but it is far from “happily ever after”; in careful analysis from all perspectives this is just the tip of the iceberg. It plagued this scribe to ask though, what is the biggest goal for Stand Atlantic in the not too distant future?

“One of our biggest goals is to get overseas sooner than later. We are reaching out to people and strategising a plan. Truthfully I can’t reveal too much which is annoying but I am very excited for what the future holds.”

For this three-piece, it seems that they will exceed above than to just “Stand” on their collective feet. These dreamers will “Command” the Atlantic and then the world.

‘Sidewinder’ is released via Rude Records this Friday 15th September 2017

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