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Taste the world’s smelliest fruit at Adelaide’s Durian Festival

The powerful odour of the controversial durian fruit has led it to be banned on public transport in a number of countries.

Photo: Durasia.

On the 29th of May, you can attend a festival celebrating the divisive Durian fruit in Bonython Park, a fruit often heralded as the world’s smelliest snack thanks to its abrasive and lingering odour. 

Multiple Durian Fest events across Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide have been organised by Durasia and the Department of Malaysian Agriculture in an effort to promote the misunderstood fruit and inspire a legion of durian fans across Australia.

Labeled the Vegemite or coriander of the fruit family, despite an aggressive exterior (the fruit is covered in a multitude of angry-looking spikes), the durian is actually loved by many for its vitamin-rich, healthy properties and unique taste. 

For those intrigued by the flavour of a durian, you’ll have a hard time pinning down any descriptions online as its famously indescribable taste is sweet custardy nectar for some, and a shiver-inducing combination of caramel, chives and garlic for others. 

The durian’s powerful pong have resulted in them being banned on public transport across Thailand, Japan and Hong Kong, with taxis in Singapore even displaying signage indicating a strict no-ride policy for those carrying the fruit. 

Durian Fest organisers are encouraging durian lovers and those curious enough to pop their durian cherry to gather at Bonython Park for a picnic-style afternoon of free tasting, as well as sales of some of the 30 different varieties of durian. The types of durian on offer will include the ‘Musang King’ – the celebrated jewel in the durian family crown and varieties from Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia. 

You can attend the Durian Festival on Saturday 29th May from 11-3pm, at Bonython Park, Port Road, Adelaide. 

Find out more about the Durian Festival at their Facebook event here.

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