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The Follower Gets a Following.

Follower‘Tis the season to be artsy; to celebrate international talent, and to marvel at our home-grown masters.

A new crop of gifted individuals are now storming into the spotlight, and showing-off the skill that their many years of dedication have awarded them. One such collective are the cast and crew behind the entirely SA produced film, The Follower, a soon to be released, no-budget feature film, fast gaining attention and fans.

Building on the cult based mystery of The Slender Man, an eerie, internet-based urban legend, The Follower is a documentary style piece, with the menacing tones and mood of a traditional horror movie.

When a man’s family goes missing, he begins researching the urban legend of The Slender Man. As experts and film makers get involved and people start to see things they can’t explain, everyone is asking one question; could the Slender Man be real?

While the Slender Man is a relatively recent phenomenon, with the mysterious figure gaining worldwide attention in 2009, the legend is renowned, with games and fan-fiction featuring the icon, flooding into every forum of the internet. Records, sightings and rumours flourish online, making the subject the perfect opportunity for these Adelaide based film makers.

The project is the brain-child of local boy, Tom Goodall, a film student at Flinders University destined for the bright lights of Hollywood USA later this year. Written between January and July of 2012, and shot over twenty-two days in September, the film is crewed almost entirely by Flinders University film students, and features current NIDA student, Kyle Kaczmarczyk, a member of Sydney’s Stellar Adler program and New York bound, David Daradan, as well as Melissa Jade Pengilly, who recently worked on Tracks, a twelve million dollar feature film that was also shot here in South Australia.

Currently still in post-production, The Follower is expected to be completed in May this year, and will be released online soon after, to an eagerly awaiting audience.

To view the teaser trailer for this gripping drama, visit the web site, and share the mystery on Facebook. The image above is a still from the film.

Title: The Follower
Genre: Drama/Horror/Mystery
Key Persons: Tom Goodall, Kyle Kaczmarczyk, David Daradan, Melissa Jade Pengilly
Expected Release Date: July, 2013

UPDATE: Follow The Follower online


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