Theatre Review: SIX the Musical

The six wives of Henry VIII burst onto stage with an irrepressible energy


Presented by Louise WithersMichael Coppel and Linda Bewick
Reviewed 22 May 2022

SIX the Musical takes the most famous ex wives in history and breaks them free of antique oil paintings and the stale paragraphs of text books. The six wives of Henry VIII burst onto stage with an irrepressible energy. Each wife sings her story in turn, delivering back-to-back rock anthems and pop ballads to rally the audience.

With lyrics and music by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss, who took inspiration from artists like Adele, Beyonce, Lily Allen and Ariana Grande. Their songs are original and current, powerful and emotive, transforming each queen into a modern-day superstar. The six are supported by an outstanding band of Ladies in Waiting: Claire Healey as Music Director and performing keys, Kathryn Stammers on Drums, Debbie Yap on Guitar, and Jessica Dunn on Bass. The variety of songs allow each musician an opportunity to shine, including the haunting keys in Heart of Stone and the bass in Haus of Holbein.

Cristina D’Agostino’s lightning-fast choreography is reminiscent of modern-day music videos, while utilising Gabriella Slade’s costumes expertly. These are a unique and vivid mixture of renaissance era and pop icon fashion. Each queen’s character is artfully expressed in her costume, while still enabling the cast to dance and sing freely.

The talented cast cannot be praised enough. Their voices are powerful and beautiful, performances fierce and unapologetic. Chemistry sizzles on stage whether they are bickering and competing or rallying behind one another. Their comedic delivery and timing is faultless, landing each joke perfectly. Together they create a bold and unforgettable ensemble. Phoenix Jackson Mendoza as Catherine of Aragon, Kala Gare as Anne Boleyn, Loren Hunter as Jane Seymour, Kiana Daniele as Anna of Cleves, Chelsea Dawson as Katherine Howard, and Vidya Makan as Catherine Parr.

SIX the Musical takes the vague collective knowledge of the Tudor dynasty and creates an irresistible feminist force together with music that will have you dancing in your seat. This short run at Her Majesty’s Theatre is not to be missed.

Reviewed by Nicola Woolford

Venue: Her Majesty’s Theatre
Season: 21st May – 12th June 2022
Duration: 75 mins\\
Tickets: $69.50 – $99.50
Bookings: https://www.adelaidefestivalcentre.com.au/events/six-the-musical/

Rating out of 5: 5

Photo Credit: James D Morgan-Getty Images

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