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This Mac & Cheese Stuffed Garlic Bread Is Completely Vegan

Square 44 Cafe’s chef wanted to make a delicious and ridiculous comfort food dish that catered to vegans too.


Mac and cheese. Stuffed in a toastie. A garlic bread toastie. All vegan.

It’s our every dream come true, but better, because it’s good for you. Well, mostly. Square 44 Cafe’s vegan chef designed this goodie by mixing mindful eating with the recent comfort food trend.

A lot of comfort food tends to feature non-vegan friendly ingredients, meaning a lot of our vegan friends miss out, so Square 44’s chef wanted to make something equally delicious and ridiculous, but still inclusive.

Making vegan cheese is no easy feat. While the chef won’t give away the secrets, cashews and nutritional yeast are the essential components.

The mac and cheese stuffed garlic bread will be available at Square 44 Cafe until March 2nd and will set you back $12.

Their specials typically run for two weeks, so keep an eye out for the next one! This gives the chefs an opportunity to try some outrageous combinations and enjoy a creative outlet.

You can find Square 44 Cafe at 246/264 Grenfell Rd, Surrey Downs 5126.

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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