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This Newly Launched Gin Has Won Seven Awards In Five Months

South Australia’s phenomenal gin landscape keeps getting better, with 5Nines new gin range romping it home in a series of awards.

Specialising in hand-crafted whiskey, spirits and now, gin, David Pearse and Steven Griguol, the team behind 5Nines distillery in the Adelaide Hills, have one ambitious passion; to create perfection, 99.999%, to be exact. (Count the 9s to figure out their name…)

After working on recipes for 18 months, the small, passion-driven team launched their gin on to the market 5 months ago. A lot of work went into finding unique South Australian botanicals to feature in their gins, and that attention to detail has brought them non-stop accolades since they hit the market.

Entering the game strongly, 5Nines took home 2 silver medals at The inaugural Australian Gin Awards in Sydney last month.

They went on to win Gold for Sticks & Stones at The Australian Distilled Spirits Awards last week in Melbourne, plus Silver for Wild Citrus and Bronze for Rare Dry.

Then, over the weekend, 5Nines were awarded silver medals for their ‘Wild Citrus Gin’ and ‘Rare Dry Gin’ at the Tasting Australia Spirit Awards, which saw them competing against 162 entries from 57 exhibitors across Australia.

Their gold-medal bearing, Navy strength, Sticks and Stones bottle is for those who like their gin bold, with a bit of spice and lifting citrus notes.

Utilising the natural abundance of secret South Australian bush locations in the Flinders Rangers, 5Nines hand pick and preserve unique botanicals to honour the distinctive and delicate flavours. Infusing these into their gin, along with botanicals sourced from all around the world, helps them create the perfect gin.

In search of perfection, David Pearse and Steven Griguol have left nothing to chance, even engineering and crafting their own still.

This is reflected in the label design by Black Squid, which features Illustrations that are inspired by the marriage between the hand crafted copper equipment and eclectic images relating to each variety. This visual representation creates a unique personality that is reflective of each bottle of Gin and the distilling process.

Prices range from $80-$90 for their 750ml bottles of gin. Find out more or shop them here.

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