Wine + Cheese Twilight Picnic Brings Christmas To The City

Wine + Cheese Twilight Picnic Brings Christmas To The City

This Friday, join 15 South Australian wineries, 4 cheese producers and 1 ice creamery in a city park to celebrate Christmas and ease your way into the weekend.


It’s been said before, and it will be said many, many times again, but wine and cheese truly are a match made in heaven.

Enjoy said wine and cheese with friends at a twilight picnic in the park and you’ll have yourself something close to the perfect evening!

Join 15 South Australian wineries, 4 cheese producers and 1 ice creamery on the south-west quadrant of Hindmarsh Square on Friday the 15th of December from 4.30pm until 8pm.


The Wine + Cheese Twilight Picnic is a great chance for a Christmas catch-up with friends or end-of-year wind-down with colleagues and is our chance to say thank you for being such fabulous champions of our local producers and their products.

Some of South Australia’s most beloved wineries will be there alongside our most well-known cheese producers.

Shut the Gate, Beach Road, Bremerton, Chateau Yaldara, Gibson Wines, Hentley Farm, Hugo Wines, Irvine Wines, Majella Wines, Noble Road Wines, Rusty Mutt Wines, Schild Estate, SKEW Wine Co., Tomich Wines & Zonte’s Footsteps will be selling their wines by the glass and by the bottle (and what red-blooded adult doesn’t like getting a nice South Australian bottle of wine in their Christmas stocking?).

Beston Pure Foods, Alexandrina Cheese Company, Barossa Valley Cheese Company and B.-d. Farm Paris Creek will be selling their cheese for you to enjoy on the night or take home to devour at Christmas social events or bring out for those welcome unannounced Christmas pop-ins.

To cap off the evening, Golden North will be there to offer you a post-wine-and-cheese sweet treat!

There will be music, there will be picnic rugs (or you are welcome to bring your own) and we are told there will be sunshine!

Purchase a $5 souvenir wine glass at the event to enter and then the wine + cheese choice is yours.

This event will have no free wine tastings. All wine will be sold by the half glass, the glass or the bottle.

Brought to you by the South Australian Wine Industry Association, 365 Days of Wine and Food, South Australian Dairy Farmer’s Association and Adelaide a Great Wine Capital of the World. 

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