Woody and Wilma – Adelaide’s Wood Oven Wagon Couple We’re Crushing On Majorly

Forget When Harry Met Sally … When Woody Met Wilma is the new love story we’re totally obsessing over.


Forget When Harry Met Sally When Woody Met Wilma is the new love story we’re totally obsessing over.

Woody the Wood Oven Wagon is one of Utopia’s many success stories. A converted horse float now used to cater events, Woody offers decadent grazing tables and handmade, wood-fired pizzas created from scratch using premium ingredients.

But now, Woody is no longer flying solo, with the introduction of his new partner-in-crime – Wilma The Wood Oven Wagon. Cute, we know.

Woody came about when Utopia was buried by a landslide back in 2016, and they were forced to close for seven months. Terrified of losing their home and team and everything they’d work for, owners Kelly and Justin decided to create their own food truck to take the food and team out and about.

They bought the horse float from a friend, and Justin built the wagon with love, creating every bolt, beam and benchtop, and teaching himself to weld using YouTube videos.

And Woody’s wife Wilma came about in a similar way – hand-crafted from scratch by Justin. And on top of offering pizzas, Wilma also serves up a range of hand-made street foods.

Everything served in both wagons is made from scratch, from the pizza bases to the sauces and marinated meats.

Whether it’s your own wedding, or any other event, Woody and Wilma can come along, bringing their amazing food with them. And for all bookings for June to August this year, Utopia is offering a 10% discount.

Want to try them out? Pizza and Pinot Sundays are your chance to see all that Woody and Wilma have to offer – serving delicious pizzas and wine out from these gorgeous hand-crafted catering wagons. The first Pizza and Pinot Sunday is on March 31, 11am-3pm at Utopia. See all of the event deets here.

For packages, menus and bookings head to woodythewagon.com.au, or you can email the team at [email protected].

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