Your First Look Inside Adelaide's Newest Bar, Superfish

Your First Look Inside Adelaide’s Newest Bar, Superfish

Get excited you salty dogs, you.


Get excited you salty dogs, you. Summer is in sight (despite that freak of a storm) and what better way to celebrate than wetting your whistle at Adelaide’s newest bar, Superfish. Rain, hail or shine, the party is as fresh as ever thanks to our mates at The Social Creative and The Happy Motel. Together at last!


The revamp of the ‘ol Crab Shack/Little Miss space has left elements of familiarity, sticking closely to their popular nautical theme. But we were pleasantly surprised to find a new chic flare they’ve got going on, with relaxed whites, timber and delicate art featuring throughout. Very Hampton-esque.


For the perfect summer night, firstly make your way to the back of the venue to Fruity’s Exquisite Juice Bar, and ask yourself why you’ve never had frosé (frozen rosé) before. Secondly, treat yo’ self and order one of those bad boys. Thank us later. It’s just hit number one on our summer drinks list. Right next to freshly juiced Superfruit Margaritas, which they’re also doing. The promise here is to be “hangover makers & breakers” so if you’re feeling a little shabby order a fresh juice sans alcohol… whatever that is.


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Starting to feel peckish? Check out their raw bar which has things like THE BEST oysters and ceviche.

Their beer and wine list has stayed true to form. Although she be little, she be mighty with SA goodness.

So let your hair down and drop an anchor at Superfish this summer. They’re located at 188 Grenfell Street. You know the drill.

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