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10-stack schnitzel tower on offer in Bowden

The mouth-watering 10-stack schnitzel tower is only available by request and comes with a side of chips.

Photo credit: Jarmer’s Kitchen.

Ah, the humble schnitzel…a goldenly crisp, crumbed delicacy that has worked its way into the hearts of Australians and become a dietary staple. But what could possibly be better than a schnitzel? Jarmer’s Kitchen holds the key.

Helmed by renowned chef Chris Jarmer, the Bowden favourite is known for their creativity and craft of the all mighty schnitzel and this time around is no exception.

Bringing the people what they so desperately deserve, Jarmer’s Kitchen have a massive ten stack schnitzel on offer and it looks like a dream come true.

The whopping meal is not on listed on the menu, however, and can only be made by special request upon dining at the venue for $70.00, says Jarmer’s Kitchen co-owner Linda Jarmer.

“It’s sort of like a secret, and if you know, you know,” she jokes.

The Austrian style schnitzel is crumbed to order – a style that is signature to the Jarmer’s team – and comes with a side of gravy and chips in case the 10-stacker doesn’t fill you up.

Consider this secret our gift to you, happy eating!

Find Jarmer’s Kitchen at 18 Park Terrace, Bowden, Adelaide.

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