15 things to do with kids in lockdown

It’s a challenge enough to keep the kids entertained when there’s no lockdown, so we’ve made a short list of fun things to do in lockdown together.

It’s challenge enough as it is to keep kids entertained for more than five minutes in a fully functioning world, so we can only imagine how all those super-parents are getting on cooped up at home. Here’s a list of things to do with your kids while you ride out this seven days of South Australian lockdown.

Pack a picnic for the backyard

This one is pretty simple but sure to be some fun! Pack a picnic lunch, set with a blanket and basket, and take to the backyard (or maybe in the living room if it’s too cold). Who knows, you might even go on a bear hunt too…let your imagination take the wheel on this one.

Start a veggie patch

With places like Bunnings and hardware stores still fully operational and deemed essential, head over (with your mask) and grab some veggies to plant! Whether you’ve got the patience to start from seeds, or want to opt for something already shooting, we’re sure your little ones will find the excitement in either. Plus…it’s one way to skip the supermarket cue in future, you’ll have your own grocery store in your own backyard.

Build a fort

This one’s a classic! Grab the kitchen chairs, some sheets from the cupboard and load up on pillows inside. There’s not much else to say about this, except let your imagine run wild and be prepared for a fort slumber party because we don’t think the kids will want to leave.

Send a handwritten letter

Get some pens, paper and decorations and get your kids to write a handwritten letter to a relative or friend. Once you’re done and it’s all sealed up, take a short walk within your exercise bubble and drop it into the letter box.

Star in your very own movie

Gather everyone in the household for an all-star cast, where the kids write the script, direct the show and have the last say (sorry mum and dad). Shoot it on your phone, and cut it together on a plethora of useful apps, then sit back and enjoy your masterpiece, maybe even from the comfort of your own pillow fort.

Chalk drawing

Get creative on the driveway or on the back pavement with some colourful chalk. This is an excellent way to let their creativity flare, and keep them busy while you take a seat and supervise, or maybe you’ll want to join in too!

Head for the kitchen

Get into the kitchen and get baking! Make some biscuits, scones, a cake, anything you like and let the kids get a little messy. Afterwards, you can decorate the baked goods together and enjoy later for dessert…or right away.

Have a dance party

Clear the living room because it’s about to get a little crazy at your all new, on-site dance floor. Bust a move with your kids and see who has the ultimate lockdown dance moves while you party away to some epic tunes. If you can, search some fun dance lights on youtube and cast it to the TV for the extra dance party vibes.

Play some board games

This one is a classic of course, but there’s never a dull moment in a family board game moment. Pull them out of the cupboard and have a little fun. I certainly have fond family memories making a fool of myself in Twister, and losing my patience in four hour game of Monopoly.

DIY drive-in movies

Get crafty with an empty cardboard box and bring to life your very own car with the kids. Pop them inside with some cushions, popcorn and a drink to wash it all down and sit back with a marathon of their favourite movies.

Backyard treasure hunt

This one will keep them busy for sure! Write out a list with specific items you want them to find on their ultimate backyard treasure hunt. This could include, a brown leaf, a green leaf, a round stone, a broken stone and so on. Set them free into the wilderness of your backyard and watch the hunt unfold.

DIY board game

Another fun and crafty one where the kids make all the rules! Get some paper, pencils and textas or whatever you can find and design and bring to life your very own board game.

Make your own play doh or slime

This ones a little messy (sorry parents) but sure to be so much fun. There’s a number of different recipes online of super easy to make play doh and slime in a world of different colours.

Paper plane making

It’s competition time! Pull out some paper of any kind (even newspaper if you don’t have any other) and get creative. See who can fly their plane the furthest and who has the best design skills.

Christmas in July

Celebrate any way you want! Pull out the decorations and dress the tree, put on a santa hat and let the fun begin. Make a nice home-cooked meal and gather around the table just like you would at christmas time. The only thing is the kids might expect presents…you’ve been warned.

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