Amazing Adelaide Photographers Owning Instagram: Hayley Ford

Say hello to Part Four…

Instagram. It has become a platform for all manner of things. We’ve seen businesses start on Instagram, we’ve seen people get famous using Instagram and we’ve even seen animals become household names thanks to this social media platform. Remember that dog with the ‘Phteven’ meme? Well the dog’s name is Tuna and he has 1.7 million Instagram followers. Yeah, we’ll just let that sink in for a second. But we want to focus for a moment on some real South Aussie talent showing off what they have on Instagram…

Each week we will be bringing you the story and photography of some of Adelaide’s most amazing photographers that you can find on Instagram. Following on from the last edition (see it here), this week it is all about Hayley Ford.

Who: Hayley is one passionate person. Whether it be about her photography or her work (she currently works in Aged Care), her caring nature shines through. Here at Glam we were instantly drawn to the honesty and rawness captured by Hayley in her photos. They have a way of making you feel like you are in that moment. At that beach, or watching those waves. She is talented like that.

As we mentioned, she works in Aged Care and that means early mornings. A 7am start isn’t so bad when you can pull over and capture the day’s sunrise, though. She has almost been late to work a few times, but hey, whatever it takes to get an amazing photo!

Where: Working full time means that Hayley likes to make the most of her days off. She loves driving to Hahndorf, Victor Harbor, McLaren Vale, and all the beaches up and down the mid coast to get some cracking photos.

“I love the warm, relaxed feel that each of these beautiful regions have and I am always finding new things to take pictures of…”

What: Using a Nikon Coolpix L830 the majority of the time, this was Hayley’s first camera. She is pretty attached to it for this reason but she has also dabbled in using her Nikon Digital SLR D5000, her GoPro action camera, and has even been known to capture some amazing shots with her Samsung Note 3.

“No, trust me, you really don’t need the best gear to take the best photo! Some of my favourite pictures have actually been taken on my phone.”

Why: Hayley says that she fell in love with photography from a young age, with thanks to her Great Nan.

“I clearly remember visiting her as a child; I would pour over her albums each time I was there. I am still amazed by what Nan did with photography, I love that she could use the camera for something other than just taking a simple shot of any old landscape.”

Inspired by the way her Nan could take photos around Adelaide before and after major renovations, capturing the history and telling Adelaide’s story. Oh and it has to be mentioned that Hayley’s Nan is still going, and recently turned 101!! What a lady!

Having built up quite a collection of photos, Hayley began to share her fave shots on social media. When she noticed how much people were loving them, she created specific Instagram and Facebook accounts purely to show off her photography work.

Hayley’s Tip: Remember to have fun, find inspiration everywhere and appreciate other photographers and their amazing photos. Always take a camera with you, and take plenty of shots.

“Having those moments to always look back on is a pretty special thing.”

To see more of her amazing work follow Hayley at @hayleyfordphotos or find her on Facebook.

Remarkable Rocks

Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island.

Seaford Reef

Seaford Reef on the Mid Coast.

Hayley Ford

The perfect sunrise.

Flinders Chase National Park, Kangaroo Island.

Flinders Chase National Park, Kangaroo Island.

Port Noarlunga

Port Noarlunga Beach.

And here are a few of Hayley’s faves captured in her own backyard that we just had to share…

A little bird captured in a moment.

A little bird captured in a moment.

A succulent never looked so good.

A succulent never looked so good.

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