Barossa Non-alcoholic Rosé perfect for your next family event

The Barossa Wine Cartel has released its 2022 No, No Rosé, which is completely non-alcoholic. Tastes like watermelon and pink grapefruit.

There’s nothing worse than going to a party and being asked “why aren’t you drinking?” Alcoholic beverages are not – and cannot – be for everybody, but in a social setting, non-drinkers are often made to feel left out. But not anymore.

A brand new South Aussie non-alcoholic wine has hit our shelves – this time, created by the family-owned company, the Barossa Wine Cartel (BWC). BWC’s newly released No, No Rosé (short for No Alcohol, No Worries), is the wine label’s first crack at a non-alcoholic beverage.

The rose-coloured beverage is said to taste like watermelon and pink grapefruit, and smell like strawberries, raspberries, cherries, watermelon, and red apples. The drink starts off sweet, with a touch of acidity at the end to balance the sugar.

Owners of BWC, Josh and Ellen Pfeiffer, said the No, No Rosé is a perfect option for anyone looking to avoid the booze and relentless hangovers at their next family occasion.

“It’s a really refreshing drink and a great alternative to reaching for alcohol,” said Josh.

“I’m not drinking myself for 12 months, so I started tasting a lot of non-alcohol wines and struggled to find any options that were any good! So, we made one ourselves.

“It’s such a big thing in the market these days; many people are looking for different options. Being a small and local business, BWC has been getting a lot of support for the wine.”

This bevvy would be perfect if you’re pregnant, beginning a lifestyle change, or looking for something new to share with the kids!

“It’s non-alcoholic so they can have it! They feel like they’re having a special treat and something different to their normal drinks. The salt emulates the effect alcohol has on the palate, but it has more sweetness than a standard rosé,” said Josh.

This Rosé has been made from old vine, combining dry grown Riesling from Greenock and Chardonnay from Marananga. The grapes were handpicked by loyal friends and customers, affectionately known as the ‘Grape Mules’, in February and is now ready for us to enjoy.

The grapes were pressed, juiced, and chilled early, mixed with Adelaide Hills Cherry Juice from the Ceravolo family, who supply Ashton Valley Fresh, and Murray River Salt.

The cherry juice adds colour, flavour, and tannin to the Rosé, while the salt softens the acidity and balances the sweetness for that perfect Rosé flavour.

85 dozen bottles of this extraordinary Rosé have been produced and hand-labelled with love, with a touch of dissolved carbon dioxide to give the drink a slight spritz on the palate.

Josh and Ellen said the No, No Rosé is a delicious drink on its own or you can add some soda water to it – either way, it is sure to be the perfect hangover-free beverage.

Buy a bottle of the No, No Rosé here.

Barossa Cartel Wines is also available at a number of SA restaurants and bottle shops. Find the stockist list here.

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