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Blush Girl has arrived in the Eastern Suburbs

Renowned Adelaide hairdressers, Blush Girl, has opened another salon in Stepney, located in the charming ‘Vauxhall House’.

Renowned Adelaide hairdressers, Blush Girl, has opened another salon in Stepney, located in the charming ‘Vauxhall House’ – a black and white heritage building dripping with elegance and sophistication.

Originally hailing from Holden Hill, the Blush Girl team is very excited to be opening the doors to its second location – and they’re doing it in style.

“It was the building that attracted us. We have always noticed the building and thought how amazing a salon would suit it,” said Owner Lauren McNamee.

“It had been vacant for a number of years… the building itself is so iconic and eye catching – we knew that with a well-planned and executed fit-out would be stunning.”

If you’re looking for opulence, then this salon is it. Think three levels of high ceilings, multiple chandeliers, freestanding hair stations with terrazzo accents, and a large handmade concrete reception desk.

“We went with a minimalist approach and really tried to accent the features of the building,” said Lauren.

“We’ve got gorgeous custom cabinetry, large natural stone tiles in the basin room, and a beautiful Sarah Ellison couch to greet our guests.

“The main level of the salon is used for our hair salon. It’s a large, open space that makes a grand statement.

“The basement level has been converted into a training salon, offering in-house and external training experiences. Finally, the top level of the business houses our offices and social media rooms.”

Blush Girl’s training offerings and prominent social media presence is what sets it apart, with multiple education classes running for young hairdressers, as well as a podcast dedicated to the hair industry.

“We are passionate about improving conditions for our staff and nurturing and encouraging their personal and professional development,” said Lauren.

“A strong emphasis is placed on internal training, of not only our apprentices but also our senior staff, to ensure a consistency across the board. We also place a high importance on inclusivity and creative expression. Everyone is welcome.”

Blush Girl also has a significant YouTube following with just over 6.5k subscribers, showcasing how-to videos for the latest hair techniques, including balayage, modern foil techniques, custom foil work, and colour corrections.

The Blush Girl team is led by hair identity and owner Lauren McNamee, who works with national brands to promote and run educational classes, as well as having her own educational offerings for local hair stylists.

“I have the desire to create change and better conditions for creative artists in the hair and beauty industry and hope to see this happen in our salons and in my time in business,” said Lauren.

We expect to hear more exciting things from Blush Girl, so keep an eye out on their Instagram Facebook and TikTok for all the updates.

Find the new Blush Girl Salon at 49-51 Magill Road, Stepney 5069.

You can also find Blush Girl’s Holden Hill location at 90 Lyons Rd, Holden Hill 5088.

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