Burnside Village Autumn Winter Fashion Parades

Last Thursday night Burnside Village put on their Autumn Winter fashion parades to celebrate the launch of Issue 6 of The Vine Magazine.

The Glam Adelaide team seems to be spending a lot of time at Burnside Village lately. First there was the Willow launch, then Kiehls and then the amazing H by Felici black and white party. Burnside is becoming the place to be!

I have been to a lot of shopping centre fashion parades in my time but this one was different. Less of a shopping mall parade and more of a fashion parade, I have nothing but praise for the event.

I thought the styling was particularly excellent. Instead of trying to make the looks 'something to suit everyone' they really knew their customer and didn't compromise on style in order to suit a wider audience. 

Burnside Village has a lot of high end brands and they did a great job of showing elegant ranges like Karen Millen and Carla Zampatti

Burnside really does have an amazing range of shops, from stores to suit a younger audience like 'Forever New' to stores for an older generation like Sydney Street and Metalicus.
The whole family can shop at Burnside if you're after something a little bit special. 

Trends for Winter are very colour based. There's a lot of black and grey which are always staples for the colder months but you won't be able to get through this season without some mustard, or teal or tan.

Red is the hot colour this season and anything goes from bright tomato red to maroon. The must have item is a pair of bright red jeans! I think every store has put out a pair this season. 

Sequins, sequins, sequins are all the rage and can be worn night or day of you're brave. If you're not into sequined outfits, pick yourself up a pair of sparkly sequin shoes. 

40s style trench coats, double breasted jackets and pea coats have made a comeback. The great thing about purchasing one of these vintage style winter warmers this season is that they'll never go out of fashion

Vintage style is the go if you're looking for a party dress with full skirts and sweetheart necklines.

Men’s fashion is very formal and also has a vintage look about it with bow ties, high-necked sweaters and double breasted coats.

The fashion parades made me want to go into stores that I have never had an interest in before. While I wasn't necessarily the target audience, I understood appreciated the good fashion even if it wasn't always for me.

The parades were quiet so next time I'd recommend more people get down there next time for an amazing fashion experience. 

Check out the rest of the parade photos here

Photos by Alice Healy

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