Celebrate Wombat Australia Day

Greenhill Galleries, 140 Barton Tce. West, North Adelaide
22-1-12 to 21-2-12
Tues –Fri, 10-5pm, Sat & Sun 2-5pm

Yes, it’s that time of the year again when the gregarious Russell Starke OAM opens the doors of Greenhill Galleries for the, by now, iconic Australia Day Exhibition. The show was opened by our not quite so new now State Premier, the Hon. Jay Weatherill, who informed us that this engagement was the very first booking in his diary when he became Premier, so he knew that it must be an important event in S.A.’s calendar, as we already knew.

This year’s treats include paintings by Garry Duncan and Marek Herburt, with a side of kiln fired glass by Liz & Clint Frankel.

Duncan’s striking oil and acrylic paintings show his unique style to perfection. At first glance the images appear to be simplified singular toned planes which delineate the Australian landscapes of his subject matter so as to be instantly recognisable, but the second, third, fourth and continuing deeper looks reveal cleverly hidden depths that will enchant you, I promise. Skilful incorporation of technical ability with the design aspects of form result in works that would grace any walls, with a continuing of appreciation for years to come.

Liz and Clint Frankel are a multi–talented pair of artists whose work always delights.

Their ‘trademark’ local environment based platters and murals reflect their deep, enduring passion for native species and their habitat. As artists who live their passion, you can trust that their imagery and messages are accurate and timely, and lets face it, who wouldn’t want to have beautiful work, showcasing the oft overlooked appreciation of our native species, with an subtle environmentally correct message, made right here in South Australia? As a bonus to the exhibition, Liz’s book, Hairy Nose Itchy Butt, with its accompanying framed illustrations, is available for purchase.

Marek Herburts works are a personal favourite of mine. His loosely worked watercolours hide the tight compositions and make his skill seem effortless, and isn’t this what mastery is all about? Wander around the garden room where Herburts works are hung and let yourself be seduced by these images of expanded countryside with the light dancing over the idealised but so true landscapes.

Appropriately for Australia Day, all these works are exhibiting an Australian theme, and all are from established, collectable artists, so no excuses, get there!

Christine Pyman, Visual Arts Critic, Glam Adelaide

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